Exclusive: Michael Bisping Aims For World Title

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Exclusive: Michael Bisping Aims For World Title

A sportsman of any kind has dreams of becoming a world champion – to be the one and only – the person that everybody wants to beat.


For UFC star Michael Bisping it is no different.


Just two fights stand in his way of wrapping the title belt around his waist and claiming his greatest achievement to date.


But firstly, he will have to defeat Mark Munoz. Fourth in the world against fifth. Two determined characters hoping to inflict as much pain as possible on their opponents.


“I'm going to punch him in the face as many times as possible.” The Cypriot-born Brit claims when asked about his game plan.


“It's all about stopping his take-downs.”


Sound's simple enough. Although Bisping will ensure you differently.


The 36-year-old boasts a record of 24 wins, 14 of those coming from knockouts, and five defeats. He has put eight of his opponents in hospital, so it may not be wise to say he has 'pillows for fists' as Munoz did.


“If he thinks I've got pillows for fists I look forward to proving him wrong on the night.


“I've sent about eight of my opponents in UFC to hospital after my fights and with I'm going to make him number nine.”


October 26th will be a spectacle for UFC supporters around the world. Bisping will take on Munoz in Manchester with the winner given the chance to face either the current champion Chris Wiedman or the most successful fighter of all time Anderson Silva.


“Anderson Silva is a legend.


“I'd love to fight him one day but I want to get the belt and be champion so I think stylistically Wiedman is a better match up for me simply because he’s an unorthodox fighter and I perform better against unorthodox fighters.


“But I have to take each fight at a time. Whether it's a title shot or not I want to win a fight.


“So Mark Munoz is the only guy I'm thinking about at this minute.”


Munoz has a variety of strengths. With just three defeats to his name from 16 fights it will certainly be no pushover for Bisping.


But he claims he will be cautious with his strengths and capitalise on his weaknesses.


“He is a very very powerful guy but he’s very unorthodox as well.


“I think with all the training I have done over the years with boxing and kick boxing, I've got a much more clinical style and I can keep those punches coming.


“If I can keep the fight on the feet I believe it can play into my hands but I can comfortably hurt him on the feet.


“On the ground he doesn’t have very good submission but he has great ground and pound and he’s a very strong wrestler it'll be tough but on the feet I believe I have a big advantage.”


Bisping definitely fancies his chances. And he has a reason too. The middleweight machine has competed in England 16 times and boasts a 100% record in front of his own supporters.


“The fans play a big part and every time. Obviously it cant help physically but mentally it can give you that extra incentive and you don’t want to let people down.



“We’ve all got support but what comes with that is the pressure but I do perform well under pressure.


“They've blown my mind in the past and I'm going to give them a performance of a lifetime.”


Michael Bisping takes on Mark Munoz at The Phones 4U Arena in Manchester on 26th October. Tickets for UFC® MANCHESTER 2013: BISPING VS. MUNOZ are available from www.ticketmaster.co.uk & www.phones4uarena.co.uk.