Exclusive: Taryn Terrell On How She Started Wrestling, Who She Idolised And Her London Pleasure

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Exclusive: Taryn Terrell On How She Started Wrestling, Who She Idolised And Her London Pleasure

The bumps, sweat and blood indicate professional wrestling is a sport designed for men. However, the industry has changed rapidly over the years with women being just as active inside the ring. That is largely down to the TNA Knockouts division - which began in 2007 - and has furthered the careers of female athletes such as Gail Kim, Madison Rayne and Mickie James.


Taryn Terrell - who began in TNA as a referee in 2012 - is aiming to continue that legacy. The 28-year-old is one of the brightest young stars on the company’s rooster - but unlike her male counterparts - took a different route in getting started.


“In 2007, my friend who is a huge wrestling fan took me to a show,” she discussed. “I was at a point in my life where I was done with university and at a dead end.


“I remember watching a match between Candice Michelle and Beth Phoenix. I figured that’s what I wanted to do.


“So I started researching and found out about the Diva Search. Although I didn’t win, I bothered the hell out of WWE for a job.


“Now it’s become my passion and my world.”

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Like all those constantly training to make it in wrestling, Terrell idolised a number of professionals she watched on television. But as a female, her main heroes were different to the common favourites - such as Kurt Angle, John Cena and Sting.


“At the time, Beth Phoenix was an incredible worker and there’s women like Trish Stratus who I aspired to be like. When I first started out, they were who I looked up to.


“There was also Natalya who is such an incredible wrestler and worked so hard with the girls. She taught me so much of what I know today. She’s somebody who I have so much respect for.”


With Terrell’s arrival in the industry coming through WWE, she is one of a number who has experienced being a Diva and Knockout. Although it’s fair to assume her responsibility in TNA is identical to that of her old days employed by Vince McMahon, she says there are differences working for the two major wrestling companies.


“I think at the end of the day, it’s a different company with a different schedule but we’re all after the same goal to become incredible female athletes and entertainers. Whether you’re here or there, we all want to get in the ring to do our best.


“There is a difference. It’s a total different company. There are girls who have obviously come over. I worked with Gail Kim in WWE and now we’re both in TNA.”


Those who watched Terrell in WWE will remember her under the name Tiffany. She played a significant on-screen role during her two years there - most notably as the last general manager of the ECW brand.


With those days in the past, she is now entering an exciting period with TNA. The company is building a new era that involves increasing its international recognition with tours abroad on the calendar.


Next month’s visit to Japan in particular will be special as TNA host their biggest pay-per-view - Bound For Glory - from outside the United States for the first time ever. Furthermore, Terrell believes taking such a spectacle to Tokyo’s famous Korakuen Hall is a brilliant move.


“Being able to take something like Bound For Glory to Japan is such a cool opportunity. Sometimes, we forget there aren’t just people in the United States watching us but also in Japan.


“We’re connecting with all those people, so to go over there to meet them and perform in person is a wonderful opportunity for them and for us.”


Despite the upcoming Bound For Glory on October 20, Terrell also has an eye for early next year when TNA travels to the United Kingdom for their annual Maximum Impact tour. She missed this year’s addition as she was expecting her first child but has fond memories of being involved in 2013.


“I’m counting down the days until January 29 when we’re in Glasgow and the night after when we're in London.


“I wasn’t on our tour earlier this year but last year I was. Every time I had come to the United Kingdom, I had been in and out. So in 2013, I wanted to stay a bit longer to talk to people, eat the food and be a tourist. I stayed for a week in London and it was an incredible experience.”


Interestingly, it wasn’t the River Thames, Canary Wharf or Buckingham Palace that Terrell loved the most about her stay in London.


“The prawn cocktail crisps are my favourite thing in the entire world!”


Taryn Terrell will be part of TNA'S UK Tour in January 2015.


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