Adrian Back

Adrian Back


Once it became apparent that I was never going to carve out a career as a professional sportsmen I contemplated the alternatives and decided the next best thing would be to write and talk about sport. While I can happily discuss the merits of Roger Federer as the greatest of all time or why Ravi Bopara should be batting at six for England, my two great loves are boxing and football. 


As a Liverpool fan growing up in the nineties I watched video's of our league success but then in 2005 I had a reason to celebrate. That Champions League winning side will always hold a special place in my heart - even Djimi Traore. 


My affiliation with boxing came from watching footage of the all time greats in Muhammad Ali, Sugar Ray Robinson and Sugar Ray Leonard. These days I enjoy nothing more than debating who would win if Floyd Mayweather ever met Manny Pacquiao. 


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