McGuigan Still Upset Over Froch v Groves

by Ian Stafford »

McGuigan Still Upset Over Froch v Groves

I bumped into the magnificent Barry McGuigan the other night at the Jaguar Academy of Sport Awards at the Royal Opera House. The Clones Cyclone was in his usual excellent form but what really got him talking was when I asked him his thoughts on the recent Carl Froch versus George Groves fight in Manchester that ended so controversially with Groves, who was well on top, being stopped.


"There's no way it should have been stopped," confirmed the former world featherweight champion. "It should have been allowed to have continued for at least 20 seconds and then we would all have found out if George was in serious trouble or whether he was about to dig himself out of it.


"For me George's performance was outstanding and to be robbed of the chance of a victory like that has done neither him, boxing nor indeed Carl Froch any favours.


"If Carl really was on top and was about to stop George then we would also have found that out and now we'd be talking about what a great comeback Carl launched and what a great fighter he is. The decision to stop the fight not only robbed George but also Carl because now, even though the record books say he won the fight, it will only be remembered for how George was robbed. Nobody's won, have they?"


I couldn't have put it better myself. A rematch is the only way to sort this out but I believe there is much chance of this happening as Roy Jones junior and I "getting it on" for a second time.  

By Ian Stafford