Stuart Broad – Top 10 Favourite Things

Stuart Broad – Top 10 Favourite Things

England bowler Stuart Broad has been key to England's success over the last few years, having taken over 200 Test wickets and 160 ODI wickets in his career. What means most to the 6ft 5 fast bowler? Here is a list of Broad's top ten favourite things.


1 - My England Cap – It’s what I’ve wanted to do all my life and getting my Cap was a very special moment.  It will always be my proudest possession, which I look at from time to time and I’m proud that I’ve worked to achieve this.


2 - Mates – A key to help you get away from the pressures of cricket.


3 - Red Bull – It’s a ritual of mine to have one before I bat and bowl to help focus my attention. 



4 - Laptop – For the amount of time we spend away from home in hotels, it’s great to be able to keep up with my favourite TV programmes.


5 - Sunshine – It allows me to do the job I love and let’s face it, no one likes rain!


6 - My Broad Appeal wristband – It’s a constant memory of the charity close to my heart.


7 - Haribo – They’re my driving companion!


8 - Golf – Like my mates, it helps me to get away from cricket and play a round of golf now and again.


9 - International Sports Management– The team around me help me to concentrate on playing cricket.


10 - My family – They help you keep grounded and I owe a lot to them.