Chip Thomson: A Pleading Letter To Lance (Part II)

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Chip Thomson: A Pleading Letter To Lance (Part II)

Dear Lance,


Once again, I'll begin this column with a positive: It took a lot of guts to come forward and admit you cheated the sport of Cycling by taking performance enhancing drugs and lying about it through most of your career. That's hard to do in front of millions of people. Unfortunately, the positives end there.


What much of the world doesn't know, is that you hired a person to work with you for several days, prior to the interviews, to ask you questions you'd expect to receive from Oprah. That way, you could answer them in a way that would look honest and from the heart, even if they weren't. Well, even after all that practice, they still weren't believable and you still came out looking like a lying, arrogant ass. You should have checked around, as you may have been able to locate some truth serum prior to the interview. I doubt Oprah tested for that and you probably could have gotten away with that one.


Let me be the first to say that I was wrong when I asked you to come forward in, "A Pleading Letter To Lance (Part I)". I thought, by now, you'd have enough humility, after all the people you've hurt, and all you've lost, that it would be outstanding damage control. I was way off. You don't have it in you. You can't even cry and make it look it real.


This article could be a lot longer than this, but I've decided you're not worth the words. And since you can't seem to do it, let me apologize to all of the people you've hurt, for you. All the kids who looked up to you, all the cancer patients you gave hope to, and the people around the world who supported you when you vehemently denied all of your wrong doings. To all of you, Lance is sorry. Well, not really, because he doesn't have the guts I spoke about in the first paragraph. But I'm sorry for him. 




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