Mario Diaz: The End For Spain? Don't Believe It

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It's easy to understand the boos and the whistles at Maracaná. Spain are World Champion's, European Champion's -twice- and, of course, the team to beat, the best right now.


Only giants rise and dust themselves off when they fall. For everybody outside our borders who thinks this is the last stop for a unique team, you're wrong!


This generation has won three finals in a row and only has lost to Brazil, in a temple like Maracaná, in a minor competition like Confederations Cup.


Maybe if we had won the discourse would be different, but is not the case and we have to avoid all the negative stuff. There isn't a end of cycle, this is not the end of Spain as we know it and I'll tell you why.


Spain showed a worrying physical fatigue during the semi-final against Italy.


They were so tired that, in the final, Brazil surpassed them in all senses, but there was a little difference between teams.


Eight spanish players played Champions League semi-finals while only three of Brazil did it. Well, perhaps this is an excuse more than a reason but the average age of the Spanish team is also a poor reason if you want to explain this 3-0.


Carles Puyol is 35 and Xavi 33. They are the oldest in the team although Casillas and Villa are 32, and Xabi Alonso is 31. They were the core of a magical team, the soul of the tiki-taka, but not 100% of Spanish side.


There is only one year left for the next World Cup, so Iniesta (29), Cazorla (28), Ramos, Silva, Navas  (27), Piqué, Pedro, Cesc (26), Busquets, Javi Martínez, Mata (25) or Jordi Alba (24) will be at their best in Brazil 2014. But they are a small piece of what Spain can be in the near future.


Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool or Swansea. All of them trust in Spanish players.


All of them have signed footballers like Mata, Silva, Torres, Reina, Navas... but there are a few more. Don't forget De Gea or Michu or Javi García or Azpilicueta, or Monreal or Romeu... And, of course, don't forget those who stay in Spain like Thiago & Isco.


No, this is not the end.


Perhaps Germany will be a improved bulldozer thanks to Pep Guardiola's job in Munich.


Maybe this Brazil, more Italian than samba dancer we are use to, will be the great danger.


But Spain will be Spain and If you still have any doubt you should take a look to the boys: U21 European champions less than a month ago and with some luck U20 World Champions in Turkey in two weeks. Fancy a bet?