Mourinho's Return, Will Be Sooner Rather Than Later

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Mourinho's Return, Will Be Sooner Rather Than Later

"One day I'll come back to England." These words belong to José Mourinho and his desire will become true sooner rather than later.


What the hell is happening in Real Madrid's changing room? What the hell is going on with the team? The last campaign, Real set a goals and points record season and now... Do you know what has changed? Neither do I, but let's try to explain a few things that are taking 'Los Blancos' further down the La Liga table.


All the players under Mourinho would always defend the Portuguese coach because he use to get in the way of the critics to cut off the problems with the players. That's fine, but only if you win.


Mourinho has not exactly been a gentlemen in during his time in Spain, but nothing happens while he broke up all the records. Now the media criticise Mourinho when he drops Iker Casillas or “locks up a journalist” the phrase used by Barcelona defender Gerard Piqué.


Piqué blasted the press for the way it has treated Mourinho, "I often find it funny when I read the press. When he was winning, Mourinho was allowed to do anything. Real Madrid came to the Camp Nou and he poked Tito in the eye, and how many games was he banned for?


Now when he drops Iker or puts one of your colleagues in a room, he gets criticised. It's not fair. Mourinho has always been like that.


The problem is that when he was winning, he was allowed to do anything and now he isn't".


But he is not the only one criticizing The Special One.


Roberto Soldado, Valencia and Spain striker, showed his support to Iker Casillas after Mourinho decided that one of the best goalkeepers in the world is out of form. "Debating the professionalism and form of Casillas right now is something only Mourinho is thinking about, and not his other players. It's like pitting himself against the whole world." Soldado's words are crystal clear, but again he is not the only one criticizing The Special One.


Tito Vilanova, Barcelona's coach, talked about Mou, not in a personal way, but in a professional one because Real Madrid are 18 points behind after half of the season.


"If Barcelona was 18 points down, I won't be here,” said Vilanova. He is another one criticising The Special One.


The big problem for The Special One is not Piqué or Soldado or Vilanova, his real problem is the fans at the Santiago Bernabéu. Mourinho has lost the war against Casillas, Ramos and Özil. It's also said that the Portuguese coach had an unpleasant discussion with Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday night after they beat Valencia in the Copa del Ray (2-0) due to Mourinho continually criticising the forwards performance.


I am pretty sure that Mourinho's desire to be back in England will come sooner rather than later.