Stuart Gower: Arsenal Need Thierry Henry In January And They Need To Keep Him As Long As Possible

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It's been the worst start for Arsenal since 1994, the worst start under Arsene Wenger and they have just been knocked out of the League Cup by a team 65 league positions lower than them.


It does not make the best reading for an Arsenal fan who would have hoped their side would kick on after a solid start to the season. Instead it has left many suggesting that Arsene Wenger should leave the Gunners.


Seven years without a trophy is not good enough for a club which has enjoyed its most rewarding time under the Frenchman. But the last thing that should happen is that Wenger leaves the club, and this is why getting club legend Thierry Henry back around the club is vital to saving this season.


Wenger is the front man of the club and will take the criticism directed at the board and his team. Last night's result would not have helped, but in truth the Arsenal side that traveled to Bradford should have been able to beat a League Two side without a manager in the dug out.


What the club miss is the guidance and the feel of winners and this is why having Henry around the players is crucial and it's why David Platt and Patrick Vieira should be there and not up at Manchester City.


Apart from Wenger and Bould, no one around the team has had victory installed in their character nor have they been told what it means to be at Arsenal Football Club.


The 'Invincible' team was the pinnacle of Wenger's reign, but they learnt from the likes of David Seaman, Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn and Ray Parlour about what it meant to pull on the red and white shirt. I don’t get the feeling that the majority of the players really do grasp that.


There is no doubt that they want to win games, but it's for themselves and not because they want to lead Arsenal to glory. If you sat with Jack Wilshere and then club captain Thomas Vermaelen it would be all too clear. Perhaps that is where Wenger is at fault - there was only one man who wanted to drag Arsenal to victory last night and that was Wilshere and for all the ability the players possess, they didn’t have the desire to win that game.


When a player joins Arsenal now, who do they look to around the club as an example of how things should be done? 

I read Patrick Vieira's autobiography and in it he talks of what he learnt from Tony Adams, how he loved the club and put it first. That's the sort of character that Arsenal are missing and why getting Henry back into the setup is the right idea. He won't win the games in the same way he used to but he will be someone there to demonstrate why he is loved so dearly by the Arsenal fans in training and conversations he will have with players.


There is no doubt the way in which the club are going out contract renewals is a farce and this is the single biggest thing causing them to lose their best players. The board at Arsenal need to take more care with the deals they are offering to players and ensuring that if players are sold to other clubs then they get top value for them, especially as they could be on the way to selling Theo Walcott for £8 million, when they paid £12m for him aged 16.


I don't think Wenger should leave and I would back him to get it right. He needs to sell the deadwood and bring in players clearly, but he needs to surround this squad with people who have brought the success to the club whether it be in ambassadorial or executive roles so his current batch of players can learn things off them that perhaps they can't from him.