Mario Diaz: Third Time Lucky

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Mario Diaz: Third Time Lucky

They have taken the 2016 concept as a base and it is a better concept now than it was then. 


Who knows, maybe it'll be “Third time lucky". This phrase belongs to Sir Craig Reedie, International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission Chief after a four day visit to the Spanish capital.


The subject: Madrid and our bid for the 2020 Olympics Games.


The loss suffered in the past first to London and then to Río de Janeiro made us stronger, but the bid has lost some of its strength and lot of money.


Many people think it's not the time to risk anything for the Olympics specially after IOC decided to ignore us in the past. Moreover considering the deep of our pockets.


Crown Prince Felipe, Spanish Olympic Committee President Alejandro Blanco (also bid president) and Madrid Mayor Ana Botella (yes, José María Aznar's wife) were the three heavyweights trying to impress the hundred IOC members.


Madrid had already finished almost a 90% of the necessary infrastructure for the Games and there is about 20 minutes between them in public transport.


Madrid offers Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabéu football stadium, Atlético's La Peineta Olympic Stadium (still under construction) and Club de Campo Villa de Madrid - one of the Europe's oldest golf courses.


By the way, Pedro Oriol, professional golfer from Madrid, was near to a hole-in-one during the presentation of the facilities.


We made a tremendous effort in order to satisfy the Evaluation Comission.


We deserve this Games and, at this time, Madrid propose a toast for the economic contention.


With almost this 90% constructed, the bid requires just $1.9 billion instead of Tokyo's $4.9 billion or Istambul's $19.2 billion.


Madrid presents a bid for Games that are sustainable, safe and guaranteed.


But the most important thing about us is just that, us. Near to the 98% of the spanish population support the bid, probably one the higher in recent times.


You know us, I mean the people, not politics or bankers. We are friendly and polite. We work hard every day. We like too party. You know the spanish people, not the stereotype.


We deserve this Games and we had made all in our hands to get it. IOC decides but at least I myself feels like a winner by once.