The Big Olympic Lie

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The Big Olympic Lie

Remember David Millar? Remember Lance Armstrong? Remember the Australian rugby league? Remember Justin Gatlin, Tyson Gay or Marion Jones? Remember Kenteris and Thanou? Remember Alex Rodríguez? Remember Filippo Volandri or Mariano Puerta?


Cycling, rugby, athletics, baseball, tennis... And American football, cricket, fight, boxing, BMX... My God, even shooting or archery. Brits, Americans, Australians, Greeks, Latinos, South Americans... All of them have held the Olympics in the past. Do you really think doping is something that only happens in Spain or Turkey? Truly, is this your excuse to tolerate the third humiliation in a row for a city and country?


It was here, in this same space. 'Shame on us' was the post's main title. We talk about the negligence and the absurd accusation of destroying proof that might condemn a lot of cheaters, Spaniards and from other countries, in the 'operación Puerto'.


We also know about our financial problems. How could we not notice it? All the critics that anyone of you could have made outside Spain we made it before and 100 times harder and angrier.


But even with all those circumstances Madrid presented the best bid. And it’s not my word. This was one of the conclusions of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Evaluation Commission last march (also wrote it here, in Sportsvibe). And this wasn't the first time. IOC discarded us for the very first time for 2012 Games and we lost the final decision against Rio de Janeiro for hosting the 2016 event.


Then, if we were the first in line, what has changed in the last six months? Or don’t those evaluations matter at all?


I can understand the IOC prefers Tokyo rather than Madrid or Istanbul, but not in this way. They have sent us a loud and clear message. 'We don't want you. We don't care if the other candidates are the epicentre of Arab Spring, one of them and victim of a nuclear disaster the other one'.


Shame, embarrassment and a disgrace. We are exhausted of fighting like Don Quixote. We'll never beat the giants imagined because the real ones will never allow us.


That's correct, we're not the richest and there some cheaters among us. But you, IOC members, said that Madrid 2020 bid was the best six months ago and now you have decided that we're not good enough only because Tokyo has a 55 million dollar budget. And this is all the truth, isn't it?