Emily Scarratt: A Return To Training Following The Christmas Break

by Emily Scarratt »

Emily Scarratt: A Return To Training Following The Christmas Break

Well Christmas has come and gone again for another year and this year was just as filling and busy as normal.


Being an athlete at Christmas certainly tests the will power to its maximum, and getting the balance between treating yourself and keeping everything in check is quite difficult. I am very lucky to have a Mum who is an exceptional cook so Christmas in our house is a pretty lavish affair with no corners cut. As it was set out in our training plan to ‘rest and eat’ on Christmas day that is exactly what I did.


This year I was in charge of canapés and puddings and had made, what mum and I thought at least, would feed the whole village let alone our 6 guests. Needless to say everything disappeared and content with our feed we all struggled to stay awake in front of the fire. Boxing Day morning was straight back into the swing of things and was up early back into training on the farm; made me feel even better as the rest of my family spent most of the day in the pub for the traditionally spent Boxing Day.


Having had 3 weeks off work for Christmas it’s been great to be able to hit training pretty hard knowing that the rest of the day can be spent re-cooperating and having no stress about when you have to train. I love work but it also opens your eyes to how training as a professional would be. This year saw the annual monopoly game and as usual caused more arguments and disputes than the rest of Christmas had. The game finished up in the usual way; Mum went bust early doors, Dad thought he was some sort of property tycoon and bought everything without actually having any sets, Joe (my brother) tried cheating his way through, and I ended up having more money than the bank and wiping the floor with them!


If there was ever a year to look back on and be inspired it was 2012; a constant source of motivation. A new year has arrived though and with it fresh new challenges. The next six months sees a slight shift in priorities for some of us where 7’s will take precedence in the lead up to the 7’s World cup in June. This weekend sees the first camp which, dauntingly enough involves 3 fitness tests and 3 training sessions in 2 days. We will subsequently then meet every week competing in the women’s IRB world series along the way until the World cup in Moscow. Although slightly apprehensive about the increased workload and travel time I am excited for a new opportunity to prove myself.

By Emily Scarratt