Win A Copy Of 'Running with the Firm' By James Bannon

Win A Copy Of 'Running with the Firm' By James Bannon

Sportsvibe are offering you the chance to win one of three copies of ‘Running with the Firm’, a Times best selling book written by James Bannon.


‘Running with the Firm’ is the shocking and true story of how James Bannon, an undercover cop infiltrated the notorious Millwall hooligan firm “The Bushwackers”.


It tells of an intense and dangerous journey into the heart of the world of hooliganism, where sickening levels of violence prevail over anything else.


Bannon introduces the hardest thugs from football's most notorious gangs, tells all about the secret and almost comical police operations that were meant to bring them down, and, how once you're on the inside, getting out from the mob proves to be the biggest mission of all.


A disturbing but compelling read, that deals with the highs and lows of football hooliganism and tells of the moments of violence, sadness, friendship and humour - all exactly as they happened.


An amazing account of football hooliganism in its height and a brilliant read, whether you lived through football of the 80s or you’re interested in finding out exactly what it was like to be a football supporter over 20 years ago.


Running with the Firm by James Bannon (Ebury Press) £14.99 hbk

(Available from all good bookshops)


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