Groves Blasts Froch Over Abuse Claims

Groves Blasts Froch Over Abuse Claims

George Groves has hit out at Carl Froch after the controversial fight on Saturday night by claiming Froch had thrown abuse in his face when Groves attempted to shake hands.


In what was undoubtedly one of the most exciting boxing matches in recent history, the world title find ended in major controversy when the referee, Howard Foster, stopped the fight in the ninth round after believing Groves was unable to continue.


Bitterly disappointed although gracious in defeat, Groves claims he went to shake Froch’s hand afterwards and tell him he wasn’t to blame but received an earful which he couldn’t repeat.


“After the fight, I didn’t blame Carl Froch, I said it was a terrible decision, its unjust, but I’m happy to shake his hand.” He said.


“He wasn’t happy to shake my hand, he told me words that I can’t repeat on TV. 


“And afterwards after my trainer went over and said you need to tell your fella to behave now, he needs to be a little more gracious in this win. He came over and we spoke, but he desperately tried to justify the win and I think that’s another reason why people were booing him.”


Many pundits around the world have lamented the decision to stop the fight claiming that Groves was still in control of his body – a decision that Groves classed as ‘horrendous.’


“He had no success, no success at all throughout the whole fight. And the first time he landed a couple of shots, at the same time I was still defending, making him miss and punching back, the referee made a horrendous decision and jumped in and stopped the fight. I’m bitterly disappointed.


“I’ve gone back, I’ve watched the tapes. It was a terrible, terrible, decision. At no point was I on shaky legs, my head was clear. The referee just had a terrible night.”


The full interview with George Groves and Amir Khan will be on Boxing Tonight on BT Sport 1 at 8pm.