Mitchell and Murray Eye Rios Showdown

Mitchell and Murray Eye Rios Showdown

The winner of Kevin Mitchell and John Murray could end up having a title showdown with WBA lightweight champion Brandon Rios, according to reports on

The two fighters will meet on July 9 at London's Excel Arena with Murray putting his unbeaten record on the line while Mitchell is looking to get his career back on track after losing for the first time against Michael Katsidis.

Rios will defend his title on the same night against Urbano Antilion in California and promoter Frank Warren has revealed that he is in talks with Bob Arum about a potential clash between Rios and Murray or Mitchell.

Rios is unbeaten in 27 fights and is highly rated by many American experts, however, Murray has stated that he would love a potential showdown with the 25-year-old.

"I'd love to fight Rios, he's a class fighter and it would be fireworks between us.

"I've always wanted him, it wouldn't be an easy fight, but facing him for the world title would bring the best out of me and I reckon I've got the style to beat him.

"I'm unbeaten, I've done everything asked of me on the domestic and European stage so the next stop for me is the world title. Mitchell is in my way so I've got to destroy him first before I can get to Rios."

Mitchell also voiced his opinions on a potential clash with Rios and after more than a year on the sidelines is desperate to get back on track and fighting for a title.

"Smashing Murray up is the only thing on my mind at the moment and once I've done that I'll talk about Rios," said Murray.

"Frank is the man to produce the world title opportunities, as he proved by getting me Katsidis last year, so I've no doubts that he could get Rios, who's a great fighter.

"I let a lot of people down last year so first I'm going to repay them by knocking Murray out, then if a world title fight against Rios is next then I'll do a job on him."


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