Nicola Adams On The Legacy Of Women's Boxing

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For the first time in Olympic history, millions of people around the world were witness to women’s boxing this past summer, and to say it received a warm reception would be bordering on understatement of the year territory. Some of the loudest cheers during the Olympics were recorded at the ExCel Arena where those stirring bouts took place, leaving every indication that things have only just begun for the sport.


In becoming the first ever woman to win an Olympic gold medal in boxing, Nicola Adams not only wrote her name into the legacy of the Games, but created a new hunger amongst old and new fans alike who are now all vying to see the Leeds-born fighter on the grand stage once again.


“After some of the reactions the women’s boxing received in the summer I think the anticipation and excitement around the sport is going to be immense, definitely.” Nicola said.


“I couldn’t believe the amount of support we were getting in the ExCel Arena, it was fantastic. The boxing stadium was actually louder than any other the stadiums around, the amount of support we had was incredible. And now with the Commonwealth Games and Rio 2016 coming up, I can only see that growing, and it is only going to get better.”


As Sportsvibe exclusively revealed earlier in the week, Anthony Ogogo became the first Team GB boxing medallist to make the jump to the professional game, teaming up with Oscar De La Hoya’s renowned Golden Boy Promotions. With the women’s professional sport a far cry from the money-laden world of the men’s game, Nicola is in no rush to make the jump herself, concentrating on the burning ambition to become a double Olympic champion.


The gold medallist is hopeful that part of the legacy of the games will see a bit more light shone upon the amateur side of the sport, after the rousing exploits of people like herself and Ireland’s Katie Taylor. “If anything I hope the legacy of the games means that there will be a bit more focus on the amateur side of women’s boxing,” she continued.


“Now that people have had a greater exposure to it they will want to go out and watch it more often now, it will get more exposure on television, and through the media. Everyone is always asking me on Twitter when am I next boxing and when is it going to be on telly, so I’m hoping there will be more television coverage as we push on after the summer.”


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