Wiggins Considered Quitting 2012 Tour De France

Wiggins Considered Quitting 2012 Tour De France

Team Sky sports director Sean Yates has revealed that 2012 Tour de France winner Bradley Wiggins considered quitting after feeling “stabbed in the back” by 2013 winner Chris Froome.


The Times reveal that Wiggins threatened to quit following an aggressive move by Froome on the 11th stage that went against a Team Sky agreement that he would not attack until 500 metres from the end of the stage, as told by Yates in his book.


According to Yates, Wiggins sent a text following the stage saying “I think it'd be better for everyone if I went home."


Yates added, “[Wiggins] couldn't understand why he [Froome] had gone back on the agreement, especially when everything was going so well.”


Fortunately Wiggins didn’t go through with his threat and ended up winning the Tour de France, becoming the first ever British cyclist to do so.


Froome went on to make it back-to-back British wins in 2013 having finished second to Wiggins in 2012.


Both cyclists have been named in Great Britain’s squad for the Road World Championships this month.


Yates left Team Sky and retired from cycling towards the end of 2012.