Angelos Epithemiou Talks Shooting Stars, American Football and What's in his Bag

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Angelos Epithemiou Talks Shooting Stars, American Football and What's in his Bag

Former burger van owner and star of television show Shooting Stars Angelos Epithemiou has just completed his first stand-up comedy tour and has brought out a DVD just in time for Christmas.

In an exclusive interview with, Angelos talks to us about working with Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer, being a fan of American football and reveals what's in his bag.

How are you keeping today Angelos?

I'm about fifty percent if I'm honest with you, I've got a puckered back, so I won't be doing any Kung-fu this afternoon thats for sure. But other than that I'm doing okay.

Have you still got the burger van?

No, the van was blown up unfortunately by mysterious forces, well I say that it, it was actually my brother who did it. He was mucking about with a bomb one day and up it went, so thats no longer a career option open to me, which is a shame as Shooting Stars has finished so I am left unemployed.

What was it like working with with Vic and Bob on Shooting Stars?

Have you seen that show, if you have then you would know it is bloody awful working with them. I told them the show was going to get axed, I said they should change the show and get Jimmy Carr in there presenting. But they said no and wanted to do things their way, then sure enough bang its gone.

With Shooting Stars being axed could we see you occupying a burger van again?

I have thought about going back into that game but there's no money in it. I've thought long and hard about it, should I be a dancer, should I be a bookie, or be a bodyguard.

Instead I'm going to be doing my own show on Channel 4, they've given me a load of money and I'm spending that at the moment and when that's all gone I'll have a think about what it's going to be.    

You seemed to be a pretty good DJ on Shooting Stars, will you be hiring yourself out for any parties?

I'm always looking at making some extra money because for gods sake I didn't get paid enough for the work I did on Shooting Stars. If anyone wants me to come around to do any ceremonies like the jewish one where you get a bit of your knob cut off I will be more than happy to come along and play music when that happens.  

Do you think fame has changed you at all?

I think I've grown an inch to be honest with you and my anorak is cleaner than it used to be because now I get people to wash it for me. Other than that it's pretty much all the same.

You've got a new DVD out Angelos & Friends, what can we expect from this offering?

There will be a few jokes on it, three of them. Then there is a dance and an impression, a bit of mucking about, a quiz and I drag it out for an hour and a half.

The friends on the DVD are Tin Tomatoes my dog, Ian Person who sold me my burger van, there's Kenny and my brothers. You don't see any of these people, I just show you pictures of them.

[YouTube id=icyuzAUqFc4]

Having just completed your stand-up tour of the UK, where were some of the best places you visited whilst on tour?

Favourite places, oh my god! Thats a tough one, I liked Newcastle although there aren't any new castles in Newcastle, which is a joke because I looked all day for one and they're all old buildings.

Edinburgh has lots of old buildings and I liked it there and York, but to be honest with you I'm just giving you names here - none of them were good.

On this tour have you found yourself many groupies?

Honestly mate, in my bag at the moment I've got a big old stick and I have to beat the ladies off with it because it's just becoming a joke, an absolute joke. I don't know what it is about me, I think its my animal magnetism they just want a piece of Epithemiou.  

Earlier you mentioned you won't be able to do Kung-fu today because of your back so are you into any other sports? I understand you're into a bit of American Football.

Big time, I love the NFL, its just a lot of men in pads and helmets banging into each other, what's not to like?

I support the Baltimore Ravens, I would like to do work on Channel 4's coverage of the NFL I would be pretty good doing that job on the touchline and doing the commentating.

How about European football?

I like watching Greek football and I'm a fan of  Panathinaikos and Olympiacos but when it comes to international football its Austria for me, they've got a nice uniform, they look tidy and it looks like they all get on and I like that in a football team.

Finally I can't leave without asking, apart from the stick to fend off the ladies what else is in your bag today Angelos?

I've got a hedgehog mask, a pair of socks and a picture I cut out of the newspaper of a cat with a Hitler mustache.

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