Former WWE Superstar Dave Batista Talks About Starring in The Scorpion King 3: Battle For Redemption

Dave Batista is mostly recognisable for his time as a professional wrestler with the WWE. During an eight-year spell with the company between 2002 - 2010 ‘The Animal’ became a six-time World Champion and is the longest running World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE’s history.

He is also a four-time Tag-Team Champion winning twice with Ric Flair, and once each with John Cena and Rey Mysterio. Whilst he also had memorable feuds with the likes of Triple H and The Undertaker.

Since departing from the WWE in 2010, Dave has gone on to pursue a career in Mixed Martial Arts and acting. The 43-year-old will be starring alongside Billy Zane and Kimbo Slice in new film The Scorpion King 3 Battle for Redemption.
caught up with Dave to talk about his role in the new Scorpion King film, the series that was made famous by another WWE superstar The Rock.

Q. How does Argomael fit into the plot?

There are two brothers at war, Horus and Talus, and they each have their weapons, their instruments of destruction. Horus' weapon is Mathayus, the Scorpion King and Talus' is three of the Ghost Warriors. I'm one of the Ghost Warriors.

Q. In terms of shooting, you've got a background in wrestling. Were the stunts and the training a fairly straightforward thing for you?

I got to use a lot of my martial arts, which I've been practising for years, so it's something which came in handy...When I got there, they had certain things in mind that they wanted for the fight scenes, but when I showed them the martial arts that I was familiar with, they just let me do my own thing. So we tossed the old sequence out and I did my own thing. It came out really, really, well.

Q. How was it battling the rest of the cast? Were there any people you enjoyed fighting?

I had a great time with Bostin Christopher, who plays Olaf. Whilst I'm just a straightforward soldier, he is more of a goof, a comic relief in the movie, so we had a lot of fun shooting together. Physically we matched up, so we had a really good fight scene.

Q. Did the cast bond behind the scenes?

Absolutely. That was really cool, because I wasn't there very long. I shot all my stuff in four days, and was there on set for about a week in total. While I was there, I got to hang out with everybody. I'm a big fan of the guys I was sitting with, guys like Ron Perlman and Billy Zane, Temuera Morrison and Victor Webster. These guys are all great actors and getting to know someone socially and not just at work makes all the difference. When they say 'come down and hang out, let's get to know each other,' that just makes all the difference. It makes it very comfortable.

Q. You got to shoot in some beautiful places. Did you have a favourite place?

We shot in temples that I wish I knew the name of offhand. I'd only been to Bangkok when I was wrestling, so now I got to go to the countryside and see some of the religious temples and they're absolutely beautiful.

Q. Was anyone ever worried about damaging anything?

Oh yeah! Everybody was very respectful of that. It was also kind of cool because as we were filming in public religious temples, they can't close them off to the public, so we were shooting and there were still tourists coming through, they'd walk into the middle of set, they didn't care! They weren't there to see the movie being made, they were there to see their temples. It was really cool.

Q. Did you have any incidents of tourists wandering through shot?

Oh yes, often walking right up to me and taking a picture while we were shooting! It was so funny because they were so innocent about it, they weren't trying to be disrespectful or anything, they just wanted to get their picture and go on their way.

I saw on the behind-the-scenes material that there was a bit of an insect problem at times. Did you have to deal with that?

That doesn't bother me! I live in Florida, I'm so used to it, bugs and the heat.

Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption is available on DVD and Blu-ray from February 27.