FIA Confirms Bahrain Grand Prix To Go Ahead


The FIA have confirmed that the Bahrain Grand Prix will go ahead on April 22, despite safety concerns in the region.

The governing body had been under pressure to discuss the potential postponement of the race, and following a meeting between F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone and team bosses, it has been decided that the race should go ahead.

A statement from the FIA said that it was “satisfied that all the proper security measures are in place for the running of a Formula 1 world championship event”.

Following the cancellation of the same race last season, FIA president Jean Todt visited the region in December, on what has been described as a 'fact-finding mission'.

The statement continued by saying that Todt had met with a number of decision makers in Bahrain, who “all expressed their wish for the grand prix to go ahead in 2012 and since then the FIA has kept in close touch with all these stakeholders.”

Bernie Ecclestone said he was certain the race would go ahead, but admitted there was room for manoeuvre, should a decision be made to cancel it at the last moment.

"Everybody's happy," he said. "We haven't got any problems. It's a problem being discussed by the media. They don't have any idea what's going on. That's the problem.

"This race is on the calendar, and has been on the calendar for quite a long time, and we
will be there. All the teams are happy to be there.

"The national sporting authority will keep us informed as to what is happening. I know people who live there and it's all very quiet and peaceful.

"I suppose the right thing to do is to stop speculating and wait and see, then we will deal with the matter when it arises."