Tabata™ To Debut With Fitness First

Tabata™ To Debut With Fitness First

Tabata™, the hottest new trend in fitness, will be launched across London from 1st September 2013 via the brand’s first commercial arrangement between Universal Pictures International Entertainment (UPIE), fitness programme producers Big Shot Productions and leading health club chain Fitness First.


The official tabata™ workout will initially be available as both group exercise classes and small group training sessions via 50 Fitness First health clubs in London. This gives Fitness First’s 110,000 plus London members the chance to experience the tabata™ system before anyone else in the UK.


Tabata™ is fast becoming the most popular form of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) in the world amongst both professional athletes and enthusiastic amateurs. The popularity of tabata™ and the growing global ‘buzz’ surrounding it are centred on the amazing fitness results that the system is achieving for its devotees via intense sessions that are incredibly only 4 minutes in duration. tabata™ offers fitness enthusiasts the ultimate, faster, fitter workout.


The official tabata™ ‘system’ was developed by renowned Japanese scientist Professor Izumi Tabata (recognized as the ‘father’ of HIIT), while he was working with the Japanese Olympic speed skating team on their fitness programme. He discovered that short sharp bursts of intense exercise are the best way to get fitter faster and more effectively. His tabata™ method consists of a combination of 20 seconds of intense exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated 8 times. tabata™ has been scientifically proven to be the most effective way to increase both aerobic and anaerobic fitness.


For the UK launch of tabata™, Fitness First’s instructors will work with a highly qualified tabataTM master trainer to ensure they are fully equipped to deliver the 20 minute class. The workouts will feature dynamic new bodyweight moves that have a heart-pumping effect at their core, which aims to get participants up to their maximum heart rate over the crucial four-minute tabata™ section. Each 20 minute class will include a mobilisation, warm up and cool down routines and once it’s launched, instructors will be introduced to new routines and moves every 12 weeks to ensure participants are kept actively engaged and motivated.


Professor Tabata himself comments, “The launch of the official tabata™ method into Fitness First Gyms gives people in Britain their first opportunity to try a fitness system based on my authentic exercise program, specially adapted for mainstream gym use. This robust, science-backed system has been developed successfully over many years for professional athletes across many disciplines and I can personally vouch for its effectiveness. I am sure Fitness First members will be astounded by the results and improvements in performance they will achieve in a short space of time. I hope many people enjoy tabataTM safely and successfully with our educated instructors."


A spokesperson from Universal Pictures International Entertainment and Big Shot Productions said, “We are delighted to be partnering with a major player such as Fitness First for the UK launch of tabata™. This tie-in means we can immediately showcase the benefits of this astounding fitness system to a large number of Fitness First members, we believe it will be a huge success amongst the participants. tabata™ promises a time-poor nation the ultimate combination of amazing results in a minimal 4 minute timeframe and we welcome the opportunity to demonstrate this first hand through the classes.”


Lee Matthews, Head of Fitness at Fitness First said, “Poised to revolutionise how you exercise, we are proud to be the first health club chain to partner tabata™. Fitness First prides itself on offering our members the newest and most effective workout methods and the tabata™ protocol is the perfect fitness solution for the busy, time conscious people that we see at so many of our gyms. Following the previous success of our athlete based class launches we’re certain that the speed and scientifically proven effectiveness of tabata™ is going to be a huge hit with our members.”