Liverpool Sign Brazillian Midfielder Coutinho

Liverpool Sign Brazillian Midfielder Coutinho

Liverpool have agreed an £8.5 million deal for Inter Milan’s Philippe Coutinho, who is expected to travel to Liverpool this week for a medical.

Coutinho will also need a work visa before the deal can be completed and although the 20-year-old was chased by Southampton, Liverpool’s third bid was accepted.


The news comes after Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers signaled his intention to increase the squad last week. He told BBC Sport:


“We still need one or two additions. The club is doing everything it possibly can to assist me.”


"The real plans are for now. Short term we want to improve and develop. We have brought in Daniel [Sturridge] and he has been brilliant. If we can bring in one or two more, then great. If not the group has worked fantastically well and if we can support it now, then fantastic. It is very much about the now, we want to improve."


Rodgers also insisted that Liverpool owners have been supportive of his acquisitions.


"The owners have been brilliant in supporting me. We were maybe a little bit short in the summer, but we all agreed this was a month that we would try and strengthen.


"It was difficult all around in the summer. I was a new manager, we didn't have recruitment staff, I was busy in pre-season and the lines of communication maybe weren't there.


"But from that moment on, we got the recruitment team in, the lines of communication are very clear, every knows where they are at - there is a small group of us who communicate a lot and look at the players we want to bring in. It has worked very, very well and that relationship will only get better going forward. We are all very happy. "