Rodgers: Players Have ‘Something To Aim For’ If I Promise Them Lunch After Three Wins

Rodgers: Players Have ‘Something To Aim For’ If I Promise Them Lunch After Three Wins

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has revealed a strange tactic to get his team playing well. Before the New Year, Rodgers said that if his side beat QPR, Sunderland and Mansfield he would buy all of them lunch.

Last week, he took them to San Carlo in Liverpool after their 5-0 victory over Norwich but Rodgers believes the outing can also build team spirit.


'Maybe I should have tried it in August!’ Rodgers told the Daily Mail. ‘When we won at Mansfield, one of the first things they said in the changing room was, “you’d better get your money out!” It ended up that last Friday was the first chance we had to go out.’


‘Team spirit is important and even though it was just a nice lunch, the more you are together and you can do that your spirit just grows. Little small things like that, adding that one per cent can help you. I think the players enjoyed it, so we have started the run again.’


‘If we do it again, it is me to pay again,’ said Rodgers. ‘I realised it could cost me (a few bob) when Glen Johnson was having apple tart! I might have to limit them to a main meal. But I don't mind I will do anything to get us winning.'


He added: ‘I have always tried to create team spirit because it is about togetherness. It is about good players of course but you need togetherness and the growth of that. Human nature is that people respond to rewards. You go back to school if you did well in your maths, you got a little star.


‘This gave the players something to aim for. So now the run has started again. It might cost me a few bob but if it does I will be happy because it means we are doing alright. We will stick with it being three wins for the time being. Once I am out of money, we can increase the target!’