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Shawn Daivari is an Iranian American professional wrestler and has enjoyed successful spells with both WWE and TNA.

During his time in the WWE Daivari stepped into the squared circle with some of the biggest names in the industry including, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker.

Daivari then went on to wrestle in TNA under the name Sheik Abdul Bashir where he became the X Division champion before leaving the company in 2009.

We caught up with Daivari to talk about his time with WWE and TNA as well as working on TNA's new Ring ka King project and this weekends upcoming WWFX show in Manilla.

Q.Hi Shawn, How did you first get into wrestling? class="right" src="assets/_resampled/resizedimage338422-sd.jpg" width="338" height="422" alt="" title=""/>
I was always a wrestling fan, and was planning on going to WCW's Power Plant after high school. Another buddy of mine found a retired AWA wrestler named Eddie Sharkey who was training guys locally in Minneapolis, so I rope a doped him into letting me start training at 16 instead of waiting till I was 18 and going to the Power Plant.
Q. Who were some of the wrestlers that inspired you when you were growing up?
Mick Foley and Shawn Michales are always the two guys I reference for getting me into wrestling because they had everyone's best match.  Everyone's best match was with either Shawn or Mick. And I noticed that. I noticed blah blah blah had decent matches. But blah blah blah vs
Mick Foley was great, or blah blah blah vs Shawn Michaels was awesome.
Q. What was it like when you made your debut with the WWE?
It was cool. I was glad to finally be a part of the show after being around so many times as a job guy.
Q. You started with the WWE in 2004 and were with the company until 2007. During your time you were involved in matches with some big names including, Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Kurt Angle - what was your personal highlight from your time with the company?
It's hard to recall because it all happens so fast you don't realzie what's passing you by. The day after you do something good your on a plane to the next town about to start something new and it's wash, rinse and repeat. I think the full time touring with my friends is what I enjoyed the most. People say family is the most important thing in your life, those people be it with WWE, TNA, Japan, or whereever are the closest I ever feel to having a family.
Q. What were the reasons behind you being released from the WWE?
I wasn't happy with what I was doing and was offered a 3-year extension. I said I wasn't interested in signing it and was going to explore other options.
Q. You then joined TNA in 2008 until 2009, where you became X Division Champion, what was that experience like?
It was fine. I was more happy to be a WWE guy who came in and did well. Like three or four dudes came in before me and stunk the joint out and the former WWE guys then had a reputation for being the shits. I was happy to go in there and perform at a level everyone was happy with and mingled well with all the boys and was able to create another family.
Q. What was the reason for your release from TNA?
I signed a contract under the impression that Jeff Jarrett was my boss. However six months later he wasn't and I wasn't okay with that.
Q. You have done some work with TNA's Ring Ka King project in India, how has that gone?
It's cool. Another crew of first class talents and first class production. It's Jeff Jarrett's show. It's probably what TNA would be today if Jeff never got replaced by (Vince) Russo. It's gonna be really bad for everyone at TNA I'm afraid when the end product comes out. They will see how great it is and what amazing numbers it draws.
Q. Would you consider going back to either WWE or TNA?
I'm interested in going anywhere that has a spot for me. I don't like being around just to be around. Some guys are cool with just collecting checks and riding the bench. I need to be figured in to the program.
Q. Having worked for both Vince McMahon and Dixie Carter, how would you compare the two in terms of their similarities and differences?
There both similar in that they do whatever is best for the brand. They're both different in the way they translate that to you. Same wave length, HUGELY differet communication skills.
Q. You are taking part in the WWFX show in Manila, what are you expecting from the event and what can the fans expect?
The WWFX show is going to be the best independent show in the world. And not just in Manila, but everywhere. It's got tours lined up all over the world. WWFX is bringing the best available free agents to your town to proudce the best show possible with no other demands to service. We're not a slave to TV, or angles, or contracts, or egos. We put on the best show.  And we're the only people that can do that be either WWE vs. TNA, Crusierweight Champion vs. X division champoin, WWE Tag team champion vs TNA tag team champions.  

We have one person to answer to and that's the ticket buying fan. And we make sure that they get a show thats just as good if not better then what they see on TV. Plus the X stands for "Xperience." our fans get to meet wreslters, play games, win backstage passes, take photos, guest ring announcer contests etc. We've taken a spectators event and made it an interactive event. It's truly a ground breaking formula.
Q. What else can we expect from Shawn Daivari in 2012?
My aim for this year is to just keep doing what I do. I'm a wrestler. A promoter tells me when and where, and go there and I do it. I'm not qualified for much else and this is what I'm best at. This is what I'm better then most at.  As long as fans want to see me, and promoters keep calling me I'll keep doing this. I guess when my phone stops ringing I'll go work in a deli with Randy the Ram.
You can find out more about Shawn Daivari at

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