Bath Investigate Henson KO

Bath are investigating after Gavin Henson was allegedly punched by one of his teammates in a pub this week.


The Welshman, who has struggled throughout his career with injuries, only joined Bath last month but appears to have hit it off badly with his new colleagues, resulting in an incident on Wednesday night.


According to one witness, Henson was left unconscious in a pub after being knocked out following a difference of opinions.


The Guardian reported one witness report. "There were about 10 of them in the pub getting pissed but not being too rowdy. They seemed like they were all having a good time, apart from Henson who was strutting around like he owned the place. 


“One of the other players told him to calm down and after a bit of a to-ing and fro-ing he just hit him. He went out like a light for about five minutes. He just lay there like a lump, right on the floor."


A statement from the club confirmed that they were taking the matter as a priority but described it as a “minor incident”. The police are not investigating any further.


Henson has struggled to kickstart his career since coming to prominence winning two Grand Slams with Wales, and Bath are the player’s fifth club in the last two years.