Cockerill: Treviso Penalty Try Was ‘Bizarre’

Leicester boss Richard Cockerill was ‘amazed’ at the penalty try that Treviso earned themselves during his side’s 14-13 victory.  


The decision left Cockerill fuming with ref Alain Rolland, who insisted he would have been embarrassed had the same penalty been awarded to his side.


"I don't know if I'll ever see a more bizarre penalty try," Cockerill told Sky Sports. "I have never seen anything like it in the 30 years that I have been involved with rugby. I was just amazed.


"If that had been awarded for us I would have sat in my chair in embarrassment."


Treviso coach Franco Smith refused to make a judgment on the decision. 


"It's not my style to criticise referees," the South African said. "Maybe he was right, maybe he wasn't."


Cockerill was relieved with his side’s overall performance and persistence.


"We're obviously very relieved because we came away with the win," Cockerill said. "You have to congratulate Treviso for the way they played. They made us work exceptionally hard.


"Conversely, you have to congratulate our players for sticking in there and digging in right until the end.


"Everything went against us really. We scored a really good try in that first half, but somehow we upset the referee and he was against us for a fair bit.


"You could easily let all those factors get on top of you and throw in the towel. But we didn't, we stuck to our guns, played for the win, and eventually we got it."