Sportsvibe Meets The Two Robbies

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Robbie E and Robbie T couldn't be from two more different places, with Robbie E being from the Jersey Shore, whilst Robbie T is from Swansea in Wales.


However, the sports of professional wrestling has brought these two together and they have formed a formidable tag team  in TNA after successful singles careers but their goals for the future are the same, they both want the tag team gold around their waists. 


Sportsvibe caught up with the pair to discuss how they got into the sport of wrestling, working with wrestling legends, and the upcoming UK January tour.


Q. How did you first get into the sport of professional wrestling?


RT. I was a big fan growing up as a kid and used to watch it all the time over at a friends house, the TV shows and all the PPV's. I never really knew how to get into it being from Swansea in Wales, but I then tried out for two companies over in America and carried on with bodybuilding before it got to the point where i became a professional wrestler in 2006.


RE. I was 16-years-old in high school and I wanted to get more girls than I already did so I figured how could I get myself on television and that is when I decided I was going to become a professional wrestler. I went and trained at a school, my parents had to drive me three times a week, every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for 45 minutes to and from wrestling school.


I trained for about six months before I had my first match which was on my 17th birthday and then I just went on the circuit and have been doing this for 12 years now.


Q. Who were some of the wrestlers that inspired you to get into the sport?


RT. This is really going to sound cliché but Hulk Hogan was one of the first wrestlers I ever laid eyes on and it was these huge guys that really changed me and that is what set the bar for the way I wanted to look.


RE. Like anybody else and I will agree with bigger Rob, I think the first person that got me into the sport of professional wrestling was Hulk Hogan, but it was when I started to watch guys like Kurt Angle when I appreciated what happened in the ring more.  


Q. What has it been like working with legends like Hulk Hogan, Sting and Ric Flair in TNA?


RT. I think it is a really positive thing to have that kind of experience in our locker room and to help me out by giving me direction in an industry that they are so honed into, so it is a great thing for me. As soon as guys like Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair came into TNA it raised the bar for the company as well.


RE. It's great walking into the TNA locker room and seeing guys like Hulk Hogan, Sting and Kurt Angle, guys I grew up watching and admiring, in my opinion Kurt is the best wrestler of all time so to share a locker room with him is amazing. However when we all share the same locker room we are equal and I want to be the best.


Q. When you first arrived in TNA you were part of the British Invasion along with Doug Williams and Magnus, with British Bootcamp coming up, what are your thoughts on the show?


RT. I've met Hannah and Holly, The Blossom Twins and they are both really nice and have a good thing going, I've not met Rockstar Spud or Marty Scurll but have heard a lot of good things about those two from Doug and Magnus.


I think it will be great to get some more British wrestlers over here in the United States, we need to start dominating the scene, I think Bootcamp can only be a good thing and I look forward to meeting all the guys and girls and working with them all soon in TNA.


RE. I've heard a bit about 'The Party' Marty Scurll, and apparently he is a wannabe Robbie E and he tries to fist pump like me, tries to get girls like me, I don't know much about him but I do know there is only one Robbie E and I would love to take down a Robbie E personator. 


Q. You mentioned having your first match on your 17th birthday, and TNA are currently doing the Gut Check giving young guys a chance to earn a contract, what are your thoughts on the Gut Check?


RE. When your 18-years-old you are aloud to do a lot of things so why shouldn't you be aloud to be a pro wrestler. We had an 18-year-old have a try-out the other week on Impact and he was pretty good and it is what it is, if the guys are good enough to make it then they make it but I'm not to happy about them taking my time-slot, but what are you going to do.


Q. During your time in TNA you have won numerous titles including tag team and singles gold, what have been some of your highlights?


RT. I have so many, the biggest won for me was on my first UK tour when I won the TNA Global title (now television title), I won the title in Cardiff with all my friends and family in the arena that night, I don't think anything will top that for me, winning a title at anytime is great but to do it in your home is unbelievable.


Q. Since arriving in TNA you have held the X Division and the Television titles, what have those experiences been like?


RE. It was pretty cool winning the X Division title in what I believe was only my third match with the company so that was really cool winning a title that early on, that was at the Turning Point PPV in 2010.


The following year at Turning Point 2011 I won the Television title by beating Eric Young, so Turning Point is my lucky PPV and hopefully that will continue this year when Robbie T and myself win the tag titles at Turning Point. 


Q. Could we see the pair of you stake a claim for the tag team titles?


RT. You know what, both Robbie E and myself would really like to get a shot at the tag team titles and I think we would be pretty successful as well so I hope we get an opportunity for the gold soon.


Q. TNA are back in the UK this January for the Road to Lockdown tour, what can fans expect from the tour?


RT. Well hopefully myself and Robbie E are both coming over to the UK in January, it is always great coming over the UK as part of the tours and it is one of the best times of the year for the whole TNA locker room. This year is going to be extra special as well with a cage match on each show plus we will be doing four TV shows during this tour with two from Manchester and two from London.


RE. I love coming over to the UK, I wasn't on the tour last year but when I watched it on TV there were lots of hot chicks in the audience at Wembley, and the noise seemed awesome in the arena, and I'm looking forward to making the show even better.


Tickets are available for TNA's Road to Lockdown 2013 UK Tour and can be bought from / 0844 811 0051 or / 0844 826 2826. Full details of the UK and Ireland events are:

Monday January 21 Dublin National Stadium 0818 719 300

Wednesday January 23 Glasgow Braehead Arena 0844 499 9990

Thursday January 24 Nottingham Capital FM Arena 0844 412 4624

Friday January 25 Manchester Arena 0844 847 8000

Saturday January 26 London Wembley Arena 0844 815 0815