How Long Until the World Cup has 100 Teams?

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Under rate of expansion, 2066 tournament will see 82 teams

Following FIFA’s announcement that the World Cup will be expanding to 48 teams, a betting app is offering odds on how many teams will be in the 2066 tournament, 100 years after England last won the competition.

The first World Cup in 1930 saw 13 teams competing and only 23 tournaments later, the 2026 competition is due to rise to just under 50.

If the game’s governing body continues to add teams at the same rate, Bookee has calculated that 82 teams will be in the 2066 competition and that by 2082, over 100 nations will compete for the trophy.

The unique swipe-to-bet app, described as “Tinder for betting”*, is offering users odds of 72/1 on 82 nations competing for the 2066 trophy.

Unless the rate of growth slows, the 2046 tournament will see 63 teams take part and by 2082, 100 teams will contest the world footballing showpiece. If FIFA wants all of its 211 registered nations to be invited to take part in a World Cup then it only needs to wait 117 years, as by the 2134 tournament there will be enough room to accommodate every football-playing nation on earth.

Adam Kalmanson, Bookee Co-founder and Head of Sales and Marketing said,

“The decision to expand the World Cup even further has concerned many supporters and there is a danger that growing it too much can dilute the tournament, as our figures illustrate.”

“We are designed for the young, casual sports bettor who enjoys betting on all aspects of sport and so we decided to offer this market as a fun, alternative football bet. So far, it’s proving to be one of our most popular markets of 2017 so far.”

Bookee launched in November to widespread industry acclaim resulting from its simple user interface designed with mobile use in mind. Users of the Bookee app are presented with suggested bets, based on their behaviour and preferences, where they can swipe right or left to accept or reject the bet. It also comprises Uber-style technology that enables players to ‘split’ a bet with their friends.

By Jamie Nagioff