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Friday 2nd June 2017

“Gareth Bale es uno de los nuestros”

– “Che parata di Buffon”

As the road to Cardiff comes to a close, a chain of hotels in and around the Welsh Capital is going that one step further for its overseas guests ahead of the Champions League Final by teaching its employees key footballing phrases in the team’s home languages.

People who work at the six Premier Inn hotels within six miles of the Welsh city centre have been taught a few must-have football phrases in Spanish and Italian, and a number of specific phrases supporting this year’s finalists Real Madrid and Juventus.

The ‘Football Final Phrasebook’ includes:

  • Well that was a game of two halves: “Beh, è stata una partita di due tempi” (ITA), “Bueno, fue un partido de dos partes” (ESP)
  • What a great goal: “Che goal spettacolare” (ITA), “¡Menudo golazo!” (ESP)
  • You were robbed, that was definitely a penalty: “Ti hanno fregato, quello era rigore” (ITA), “Ha sido un robo. Claramente era penalty” (ESP)
  • He certainly knows where the goal is: “Lui sa certamente dove è la porta” (ITA), “El sí que sabe dónde está la portería” (ESP)
  • What a save from Buffon: “Che parata di Buffon” (ITA) 
  • Gareth Bale, he’s one of our own: “Gareth Bale es uno de los nuestros” (ESP)

Premier Inn Cardiff Manager, commented (in English):

“Cardiff residents are extremely excited to be hosting the Champions League Final this year, and our team members are no exception.  To make sure every guest feels welcome we’ve put in the extra time here to learn a little Spanish and Italian so that we can help celebrate and commiserate together… whatever the score.  We hope our overseas fans agree that whatever the score at the final whistle, Premier Inn is a great place to start.”

170,000 thousand football fans are expected to descend on the Welsh Capital during the first weekend in June.