Thursday 31st August

The new initiative from Greene King IPA, the Supporters’ Supporter will see Championship clubs pledge half a day’s time during the season for a selection of their players go out and help their local communities.

Throughout the season, Greene King IPA and each participating club will jointly announce across social media the date and times that players will be available to help out with a local project. All club fans, supporters and followers are encouraged to make their case via social media for the cause they feel is most in need of extra pairs of helping hands.

The clubs will choose a project to help with from all of the responses and their players will tool up to get involved. No job is too big or too small to be considered and individuals can ask for help with anything they feel passionately about, from digging a community garden to painting a local centre, serving meals at a senior home or even helping to redecorate a house.

The Supporters’ Supporter reflects the Greene King IPA sports philosophy of commitment, community and hospitality. All sports share universal qualities; the passion of their fans, the communities they create and the comraradarie they breed. The Greene King IPA Supporters’ Supporter initiative aims to recognise supporters who want to make their own communities great and give them the help they need to achieve it.

The Supporters’ Supporter will run throughout the season. For more information and to find out when a club will be donating their players’ time, join the Greene King Brewery Facebook page or follow @GreeneKingIPA on Twitter.