Women’s MMA Fights: Pros and Cons

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Wednesday 20th September

MMA(mixed martial arts) fight is a sport which is mainly dominated by men but it has female athletes. Awareness on women MMA keeps growing because of popular personalities like Ronda Rousey, Holly Holm, Gina Carano and several others.

Gina became the face of the women in MMA when she appeared in various EliteXC events. This was enhanced by her appearance on MGM Tv 2008 revival on their American Gladiators game show. However it was UFC and Ronda’s decision to let women fighters to contest because of her. This is mostly cited as the main reason why MMA became known to the public.

More about women’s MMA fights, characteristics of the best female fighter:

Quickness: If you can move before your opponent hits you and you can punch her before she moves, you have a great advantage.

Defense: The best female fighter is able to defend herself always. She should be able to prevent her opponent from hitting her at highly vulnerable areas.

Discipline: The best female fighter is one who is able to conduct herself in a way that enables her to succeed. This entails watching her diet, ensuring she gets good sleep and staying away from trouble when not at the MMA fights.


They teach self defense: It is crucial that if a woman gets in a situation where she must defend herself or someone else from harm, she has the necessary skills to do so. MMA fights equip women with many skills that they can even develop from a tender age for self defense.

They instill discipline and respect: One can be humbled easily when confronted physically. The desire to improve and continuously develop a skill or technique requires discipline. MMA is among the highly physically demanding sports that require both fitness and strength and it needs high dedication.

It encourages confidence: Starting to feel confident especially at a tender age is important for growing into a healthy and happy adult. MMA may be a huge outlet for developing confidence, learning new things and improving one’s fitness and strength. Being able to defend yourself offers a framework of self confidence and sets new goals.


Its violent nature may encourage the youth negatively: The youth may use the MMA technique for reasons other than self defense.

They may promote violence: If people lack a proper avenue for competing in a safe environment, they might hold MMA competitions underground using shady rules.

MMA skills may be used to assault others: People with skills to inflict injuries with their bare hands may use those skills for the wrong reasons. These people are likely to harm others with or without training.

They can affect one’s health: MMA fighters suffer traumatic brain injury in nearly one third of professional bouts.


Historically, women need to struggle for recognition within the public eye for their achievement in professional sports. The president of the UFC had once claimed that women cannot fight in the UFC but Ronda Rousey convinced him to change his mind. Ronda proved that women can catch the attention of fighting enthusiasts and that the competition displayed in men on MMA is possible on the women as well. The UFC should put more money and more effort in fostering female MMA.