It’s Christmas Party Time – Premier League Style

By in Gaming

Thursday 14th December 2017

With Christmas fast approaching, the football season is coming to a close. Soon there’ll only be one thing left for the players to think about – the Premier League Christmas parties.

This year though, you don’t just have to read about them in the papers, you can even join in yourself! Across the Premier League all the squads are hosting their own Christmas knees-up, which you’re very much invited to – for a fee of course.

If this sounds like your perfect party, then have got you covered. They’ve journeyed across England and Wales to found out the situation at all the top clubs. From a rodeo at Swansea to a lavish dinner at Liverpool to hot rolls with the Potters – everyone’s got their own plan and their own take on Christmas.

With Christmas getting closer and closer every day, having a Christmas Party with the Premier League might be the perfect way to solve any last-minute party planning – and what better way to enjoy a full Christmas meal than at your favourite stadium? ‘Tis the season for Christmas, and no one ever said it didn’t have to be for football as well!