Thursday 14th December 2017

Mobile games are an exciting way to kill time for people, especially sports fans who always want to remain engaged with the games they love. Sports is, therefore, a fascinating subject for developing mobile games. Today, sports games have well-defined rules and large fan bases. Some of the best sports mobile games incorporate these facets and are immensely engaging to fans of various sports.

While some sports games do have only a passing resemblance to the real sport, a few games are quite like the real thing. Sometimes when you don’t have the time or inclination to participate or view the actual game, these mobile-based alternatives are a great bet to engage in your favourite sport.

  1. Football Carnival Slot: This game is uniquely themed for football lovers, and is based solely on various features of the game. In Football Carnival, there are multiple lines for which you can choose bets. The bets for all the lines form your total bet. All you need to do now is hit the spin button and win big. There are many free spins for you, and Wild and Scatter features which enables the Wild to stand for any other symbols except the Scatter. This is a highly engaging game for Football lovers who also have a penchant for online slot games.
  2. Table Tennis Touch: This fun mobile game is targeted towards ping-pong lovers. The game has dazzling 3-D effects that make it incredibly engaging. You can compete with professional players across the world and hone your table tennis skills. The game provides three variations-quick, career and arcade. You can choose a mode depending on your time availability and inclination. The game also features exciting mini-games for when you may be strapped for time. The USP of this game is the high-quality graphics and minimal sound to keep you focused on the game at hand.
  3. Punch Club: Are you interested in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Then Punch Club is a game that you should experience. While there is no actual hands-on fighting in this mobile game, it is sure to keep you thoroughly engaged. This game involves boxing tycoon management that has various storylines interweaved. The game starts with the premise that your father has been violently killed, and now you need to train hard, eat healthy and earn your rightful place in the fight club ranks. The Punch Club provides for the player to manage their social lives and relationships simultaneously with gym time and possibly even to fight alligators. If MMA is your game of choice, then Punch Club is the right fit for you.
  4. True Skate: True Skate is a fun diversion for all you skating fans. The game asks players to stand their fingers on a virtual skateboard making the play quite realistic. This game is immensely popular, and players need to conquer different areas that are specifically designed for skateboarding. You can skate and undertake dangerous stunts while enjoying the detailed graphics of this game. You can ride and enjoy various skate parks, and as your level progresses, new skating avenues open up. This game is top-rated in more than 80 countries.
  5. New Star Soccer: New Star Soccer is an incredibly detailed game for all soccer fans. This game follows your rise in the world of football. Initially, you will be required to pass a trial with necessary regimens and shooting exercises till you receive a contract from a lower league club. After that, you can work your way up to higher leagues through stellar play. New Star Soccer is simple to maneuver and easy to understand.