Who Will Be Relegated This Premier League Season?

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Thursday 14th December 2017

Premier League 2017/18 is going on full swing with plenty of action around game week 16. This year it’s a lot more interesting to find out which teams will get relegated than guessing which team will win the Premier League itself. As we know based on the Premier League rules, the bottom three clubs will be relegated to the Championship. The three teams which fall at the bottom of points table at the end of fixtures will be relegated.

Crystal Palace, Swansea, West Ham, Newcastle and West Brom and Stoke City are the teams at the bottom of the points table right now and have more chances of getting relegated this season. West Ham had a surprise win against Chelsea last Saturday scoring 1-0 which boosted their confidence. Bournemouth and Crystal Palace had come out with a 2-2 draw which gave them equal points. When asked about which teams are likely to face relegation this season to the Soccer pundits, most of them were pointing to Swansea, West Ham, Crystal Palace and Bournemouth.

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Crystal Palace hasn’t been doing great this season even though their Manager Roy Hodgson is trying to back his team up every time they fall down. The striker Christian Benteke missed an easy penalty shot against Bournemouth in the last game which made the Crystal Palace fans totally furious. Their strikers have not been scoring goals this season. With their average defensive and passing between players, Crystal Palace has a higher possibility of relegation this season.

Swansea has also been completely out of the form this season but their last win against West Brom has eased the pressure slightly on their manager Paul Clement. They had scored only eight goals in the past 15 Premier League fixtures which indicate the lack of a powerful attacking unit.  During the last game with West Brom, Wilfried Bony scored an amazing goal and lifted his team from the bottom of the points table. But they did not have a single win in the previous seven games played in this season and still remain at the bottom four of the points table with 12 points so far. Since this team is also lacking a strong offensive and has not been able to perform well this season, they are also likely to get relegated.

West Ham is another club which remains in the bottom with 13 points and has won only three out of the 16 matches played so far in this season. Though the team’s manager David Moyes is following an aggressive strategy to move things faster, they haven’t been able to impress their fans so far. They were just 1 point above the Premier League relegation zone after they suffered a 1-4 defeat against Liverpool in November. Their 1-0 Win against Chelsea last Saturday was their first victory in the Premier League since September and they have not won any of the eight previous games so far. They had suffered five defeats and were able to draw three matches with a close call.

West Brom’s chances of relegation have increased after their last defeat against Swansea. They have conceded 22 goals so far and last seven out of the 16 Premier league fixtures played so far. Other possible teams to be considered for relegation are Stoke City, Bournemouth and Newcastle. Before risking your money on relegation betting, you should do your research about the possible teams and analyse how they have performed so far in previous seasons. You should understand that Transfers and any changes in the team can significantly impact their chances of relegation or survival. Hence, you should keep a watch on the Transfer news as they can change the odds anytime.