Old Trafford Set To Be One Of The Biggest In Europe

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Friday 5th January 2018

Old Trafford is the largest club football stadium in the United Kingdom as things stand. The Theatre of Dreams, home to Manchester United, is a football ground that people flock to from all around the world to visit. Therefore, it comes as no surprise to see full house after full house on match day. It’s the second biggest stadium in the United Kingdom and 9th on the list in Europe, but that could all be about to change in the not too distant future; with plans to expand on the cards.

It’s reported that the club is looking to expand the Sir Bobby Charlton stand by over 12000 seats which would see the capacity of Old Trafford rise to around 88,000. If the plans go ahead to increase the amount of seating in the Sir Bobby Charlton stand, formerly the South Stand, it would bring Old Trafford right up to the level of Wembley Stadium in terms of capacity. The Theatre of Dreams would only be a couple of thousand shy of the national stadium, in terms of how many spectators it can hold; and it’s a near certainty that United will continue to attract sell-out crowds after the increase too.

If the plans do go ahead, it would also see Old Trafford become Europe’s third biggest stadium, overtaking Real Madrid’s Bernabeu, the San Siro and also the Stade de France. It is also believed that the club are also considering the expansion plans due to the fact that a new section for disabled supporters, due to be complete by the year 2020, will ultimately mean that the current capacity of close to 76,000 will be reduced down to around 73,300, so the planned expansion would be a welcome boost.

It’s been said in the past that increasing the Sir Bobby Charlton stand would cause lots of issues and cost quite a bit, as it was believed that a tunnel would need to be erected; as well as a number of houses demolished in the process. Things have changed now though, thanks to the advancements in technology; so these issues will no longer be relevant. It’s likely that the stand would see an extra 7,500 added to it, with more added via quadrants in the corner, to bring the capacity up to the 88,000 mark. Red Devil fans can keep up with all the latest developments on the increase capacity and all sports betting related news on  Betting.com

It won’t just be great for English football but football in general, if United press ahead with their expansion plans. They’re one of the most successful clubs sides of all time and Old Trafford is a stadium that every football fan should visit, if they get the chance. The problem has always been the fact that they regularly get full houses on match days, so people tend to miss out. With an increased capacity more people will be able to attend games and experience the Theatre of Dreams in all its glory. There’ll possibly never be a club stadium like it in the United Kingdom ever again.