Enjoy your favourite sports any time and any place

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Thursday 18th January 2018

The 21st century is a great time to be a sports enthusiast. Not so long ago, football fans had a seemingly endless wait between the end of one season and the beginning of the next. For cricket enthusiasts, it was even worse – the final test and county games took place in early September, and there was eight long months of silence before the sound of leather on willow could again be heard.

There was also the question of accessing your favourite sport. TV and radio coverage was sporadic, and for anyone living in a rural location, simply popping along to a game meant dedicating time, effort and most of all, money.

Sport on demand

Today, all that has changed. For one thing, the seasons last longer. The domestic football season barely seems to have ended before it starts again, cricket is played from late March to early October, and as for Formula 1 – the drivers barely get two months off before the whole merry-go-round starts again.

For another, someone, somewhere in the world is usually playing your favourite sport, and it is easier than ever to keep up with the action, with global TV coverage deals and an increasing trend towards live streams over the internet if you know where to look.

Play and bet online

Even on those rare occasions when you can’t find live coverage of your favourite sport, you can still get your sporting fix by playing your favourite sport online, or perhaps placing a wager on a forthcoming event. There are some useful sites that gather together the best online games, giving a rundown on the bonuses that are available and helping you make the perfect choice for the best sporting experience.

These sites will also direct you to different sports books where you can keep on top of the latest comings and goings in your favourite sports. For example, we are right in the middle of the football transfer window at the moment, and having a read through the bookmakers’ odds on who they think will be going where is a great way to keep abreast of how the top teams are changing shape.

Best streaming sites

There are literally hundreds of live streaming sites that allow you to keep up with the action in all sorts of sporting events – particularly important if you have placed a bet on the outcome! For example, Batman Stream has more than 15 million unique visitors every month, and shows football, rugby and plenty of American sports, including NHL and NBA games.

Another enormously popular site is Cric Free. As the name suggests, this is the place to go if you are a cricket fan, but it also streams a variety of other sports, including tennis, football and horse racing.

Perhaps the best known of them all, however, is Live TV. This channel streams a whole range of content, but for sports fans, it is a great place to find a choice of European sports, including athletics, equestrianism, cycling and greyhound racing, to name but a few.