Social Casinos: A Necessary Shift In Focus Pays Off

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Monday 22nd January 2018

Social Connections and Gaming

Connection. It’s what drives us. Engaging with one another on as many levels as possible is what makes us happy. Psychologists and social researchers have long known and studied this. Whenever we engage in a particular activity, we will be more likely to continue to engage in that activity if at some point, a social element is introduced. This doesn’t apply exclusively to Millennials, as is often insinuated by studies and papers on the topic. It applies to all of the human race, as we are a highly social species.

Game developers have recently cottoned on to this fact in a big way. Social elements are being introduced into video games in the way of communication methods such as chat boxes. A player from Germany, for example, is now able to team up with a player in the United Kingdom in order to reach a common goal. However, it is not just in your typical video games that these chat boxes and facilities are emerging, social casino games are also coming to the fore.

The gaming world is now officially a global village.

A Necessary Shift In Focus

Virtual gaming rooms, being made all the more realistic by virtual reality technology, are all the rage right now. Players from all over the world are able to join in a game of Blackjack or Poker orchestrated by a real live dealer. State of the art HD video technology completes the picture.

Connecting with other players is proving to be one of the biggest draw-cards associated with social gaming, and there are numerous other benefits of this type of game play too. What’s more, the links to these games are often present on social media networks, making it possible for a player to engage in games with his or her own friendship connections on the social media network.

Social gambling is changing the landscape of online gambling. The focus has shifted from being winnings driven, as is the case with conventional gambling games, to games focused mainly on social interaction and connection between players. Just like video games, the focus is on having fun and progressing to the next level, in the company of others.