Top Premier League Contenders – Who will still be in the mix come May?

By in Gaming

Tuesday 11th September 2018  

Premier league is officially underway, and four games in we are already seeing some very expected results, as well as some more surprising ones.

It is still pretty early, but Liverpool got off to a perfect start (4-0). To be fair, though, it hasn’t clashed with any top team, and any other result would have been disappointing for fans and the team itself.

As to confirm that winning the first four games doesn’t automatically make you a top contender, Watford has moved past Tottenham in its last game to go 4-0. Javier Garcia claimed Watford is the new Leicester and was rightfully named manager of the month, last August, but hold your horses before you decide to place a bet on the team as the next champion. Tottenham was the only big name on their way to a perfect start and, though the team is playing really well, miracles only happen once in a while.

Chelsea, with Maurizio Sarri at the helm, also won four games in a row, reaffirming its ambitions. It is, indeed, a very good team, with a good coach who has a great drive to prove his worth, and a roster aligned with his strategies and gameplays. It remains more of an outsider, compared to Liverpool and Manchester City, but it will be interesting to see if we’re wrong.

Moving past Arsenal and Manchester United, who got off to a rocky start but have plenty of time to get back on track and avoid being written off, is Manchester City. Despite being fourth, with 10 points, against the 12 points earned by Liverpool, Chelsea and the surprising Watford, it is still the favorite contender to the title, thanks to its superior roster and Pep Guardiola’s skills. Manchester City currently averages 65.9% when it comes to possession, with 89.4% successful pass rate and 22.8 shots per game. All three of these stats guarantee Manchester City the top contender spot on paper, though it wouldn’t be the first time Pep Guardiola averages the highest stats and doesn’t bring home the title.

While Watford is soon to disappear from the headlines, we’re expecting Manchester City and Liverpool to keep going strong and fight for the title, perhaps with Chelsea in the mix too, with Manchester United and Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur behind them fighting for the Champion’s League.