Sunday 16th September 2018  

Fan The Flame Concepts LLC, an independent comic and graphic novel producer, announced the launch of Neymar Jr. Comics. The new venture combines Neymar Jr.’s popular persona and lifelong passion for comics into an exciting new multimedia entertainment property for his legions of fans around the world.

The new line of comics launched yesterday with the debut issue of Inked: Art Animates Life. The plot of Inked follows Junior, the story’s protagonist drawn in Neymar Jr.’s likeness, who uses magical tattoo ink to bring his body art to life. He then sets off to save his sister, who was kidnapped by a mysterious cartel with supernatural ties. Created by New York Times-bestselling author and comic and graphic novel creator Jason M. Burns, Inked is set in Neymar Jr.’s home country of Brazil and brings readers into a world filled with unique characters, many with mystical powers. The comic universe is designed to have ongoing complex storylines, while being accessible enough for new readers to jump on board at many points along the way.

“Like many kids, I had two dreams growing up, to be a professional footballer and a superhero. I’ve been blessed enough to play football at the highest level,” said Neymar Jr. “Now I have the chance to bring new, modern, powerful storytelling through comics and graphic novels to fans around the world. This unique digital distribution platform will publish simultaneously in multiple languages.”

Set to debut in four languages –Portuguese, Spanish, French and English – Neymar Jr Comics will be delivered in a paperless, digital format via the website Readers may purchase individual titles or subscribe to the entire series. Selected additional content and short episodes will be available on the platform for free download, and through social media channels.

“As a kid who grew up reading comics, I hope that these stories and characters can inspire and entertain people around the world,” Neymar Jr. added.

“Much as he was captivated by comics growing up, Neymar Jr.’s breathtaking plays on the pitch have captured the imagination of hundreds of millions of fans worldwide,” said Chris Flannery, President of Fan The Flame Concepts. “It’s therefore fitting that Neymar Comics launches the week after he came to New York, a.k.a. ‘Gotham City,’ for the USA vs. Brazil national team match. We’re thrilled to partner with him and his engaging brand to bring these compelling stories to a global audience as part of a long-term franchise across multiple platforms.”

A portion of the proceeds from all sales of Neymar Jr. Comics will benefit Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr. (INJR), Neymar’s charitable foundation. INJR aims to expand opportunities for children, adolescents and their families living in situations of social vulnerability through education, culture, sports and health.

Neymar Jr. Comics has additional titles, developed by Fan The Flame, including a science-fiction concept, and an all-ages story, as well as original biographical titles focused on Neymar Jr.’s life. Fan the Flame created the project with NR Sports authorization, the company responsible for the image rights management of, the athlete Neymar Jr. Fan the Flame plans to expand the Neymar Jr. Comics franchise through licensing deals with major studios, television, animation, and games. It is currently in active conversations with major brands about partnership opportunities.

Additional details about release dates, future titles and ordering information can be found at