Outdoor Cold Water Swimming Can Help to Improve Mental Health

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Tuesday 23rd October 2018  

The swimming members of an open water swimwear brand are very well aware of the positives open water swimming has on mental health. Whilst it is a good source of exercise, it also boosts the metabolism and improves blood circulation. In particular, when cold water swimming, the body works twice as hard meaning that these benefits are greater. 

Wild swimming in lakes, rivers and seas is very invigorating; it stimulates all your senses and allows you to collect your thoughts and get into the right headspace, whilst escaping everyday stresses and worries. Having the freedom to explore new wild swimming locations expands your mind and allows you to appreciate the natural beauties of the world we live in.

With a huge focus on mental health at the moment, www.selkieswim.com wants to get the word out on how cold water swimming can benefit people’s mental wellbeing.

Open water swimming has become increasingly more popular over the years and more people are giving it a go to experience the benefits of keeping fit, whilst also having fun. However, swimmers probably don’t realise the psychological benefits wild swimming can have on them, and that it could be a natural solution to feeling better mentally as well as physically.

There is an increasing body of well researched evidence stating that Cold water swimming has an increasing part to play in addressing mental health issues. Similar to ice cold baths that many athletes or sport enthusiasts endure, it can decrease blood pressure and has a calming effect on the human body.

Jumping into cold water has a positive therapeutic feeling, which results in an anti-depressive effect. After the initial shock of the cold water, the body adjusts to the temperature, leaving swimmers feeling revitalised, relaxed, and even euphoric.

Selkie Swim Co are keen to get the message out, that open water swimming and in particular cold water swimming, can have a really positive effect on the nations wellbeing. Hopefully this will bring awareness to not only mental health but the benefits of open water swimming and the positive effects it can have on people.

Jeremy Laming, co-founder of Selkie Swim Co said:

“Cold water swimming can be an odd relationship. Every sense tells you to get out of the water, but if you can just get past that initial cold shock and calm yourself down, the results are incredible. Regular cold water swimmers will tell you about the dramatic effects on their physical and mental wellbeing. I would challenge anyone, to try it for 1 week, getting in every day, and write down how it makes you feel. Please do, however approach this with common sense, in terms of where you swim, and perhaps double checking with your doctor that you are safe to do this.”