Thursday 5th February 2019

Harry Frazer – Multimedia Sports Journalism Student 2019


An esports apparel firm has been criticised after it created a women’s esports jersey in the form of a dress.

Cranium Apparel, founded in 2017, has been creating apparel for over 80 organisations and has now received backlash after introducing a garment for a female competitor.

Announced on Cranium Apparel’s Twitter (link here), they said the dress was ‘for female gamers who receive so much backlash in the community.’

While the message was seen as a positive move for female competitors, some people thought the dress did not represent women the way they would have hoped and the lack of market research was also pointed out.

One user asked if any females were involved in the design of the dress and Cranium responded (link here):

“Unfortunately No. But we are now turning to the community for ideas! This will help us make more Informed Decisions in the future!”

Another user also pointed out that females are there to playing games, not go for cheerleading practice.

Speaking to Esports News UK (link here for the article), Jamie Harris of Gamer’s Apparel said:

apparel brands. “I think they had good intentions, however, they didn’t think it through properly and probably rushed to get it out to the public.”

Harris would go on to say that there needs to be a variety as not one style will suit all:

“Offering more variety of product is obviously a good thing to give the community more options. Not everyone will like this specific product, but there will be people that do like it.”

Since this, Cranium has left the dress up on its Cranium Women’s section of its website and have said they plan on taking community feedback more seriously as they try and be different and unique to other apparel brands.