Friday 25th October 2019  

Bright blue and orange Vanarama X Prostate Cancer UK match ball is the first time ever a one-off ball has been used in a Non-League fixture

Vanarama, sponsors of the Vanarama National League, has today announced a one-off ball that will feature at Chesterfield v Notts County. The custom ball is part of Vanarama’s six-week ‘MANarama’ campaign, where the league is renamed as the MANarama National League to highlight that a man dies from prostate cancer every 45 minutes in the UK.

The striking blue and orange ball has been designed in Prostate Cancer UK and Vanarama colours. It features powerful testimonies from four men affected by the disease and aims to highlight the role football can play in prompting fans to consider their health, as well as raising awareness of the most common cancer in men.

The quotes on the ball are given by four football fans from across the country affected by the disease. Since their diagnosis, all have made incredible efforts to raise awareness of the disease and through various initiatives, helped to raise thousands of pounds for Prostate Cancer UK.

Lloyd Pinder, Leeds

“We stand together in our quest to change the game for men and their families affected by prostate cancer, and the grassroots game is the perfect platform to do this.”

Phill Coates, St Albans

“It’s great we can raise awareness of prostate cancer within the Non-League community. The spirit of everyone is so strong and I’m so proud that my club are always so supportive.”

Errol McKellar, Dunmow

“Rivals on the pitch, united off it. The football family is the perfect vehicle to raise awareness of prostate cancer. Thank you MANarama. Thank you football. Goodbye prostate cancer.”

Kevin Webber, Epsom

“I want to show that a grim diagnosis doesn’t mean you have to mope around being miserable. Football has inspired me to have my own ‘promotion season’ feeling every day, despite having terminal prostate cancer.” 

Each ball with be auctioned off after the match, with all proceeds going to Prostate Cancer UK, the official charity partner of the National League. There are also 25 replica balls that will be given away through the Vanarama website, which can be found at

The launch of the ball comes toward the end of a successful six-week MANarama National League campaign, the second successive season the fifth and sixth tiers of the English game have been temporarily renamed. The sponsorship has run from September to November in support of the leading men’s health charity, and aims to raise as much money as possible to combat the most commonly diagnosed cancer in men.

For more information about the MANarama campaign, fundraising activity taking place through your local non-league club and prostate cancer information, visit the Vanarama (@Vanarama) and Prostate Cancer UK (@ProstateUK) Twitter feeds and the #GiveandGo hashtag.

Andy Alderson, CEO & Founder, Vanarama, said:

“We sponsor the National League because we are well aware of the power that football has to bring people together to prompt discussion. Creating this special, one off ball, was a way to highlight the special role that football can play in prompting fans to talk about Prostate Cancer, raise awareness of the disease and offer support to those suffering from it. We’re hoping that the auction for the balls raises plenty of money for a deserving cause.”

National League Chief Executive, Michael Tattersall, said:

“The MANarama campaign always captures the imagination of football fans and this one-off ball is a great way of starting conversation. It perfectly encapsulates how football can help those who are battling the disease. Whether it be pre-match, during half-time or after the final whistle, men should be talking about prostate cancer.”

Prostate Cancer UK Chief Executive Angela Culhane, adds:

“We pride ourselves on being on the ball in the fight against prostate cancer, a disease that kills one man every 45 minutes. This is a purpose worth uniting for, and from changing the name of the league and now introducing a bespoke ball, it’s been wonderful to play a part in the ground-breaking MANarama campaign over the past two years, and we thank both Vanarama and the National League for their unwavering support.

“Seeing our ‘Man of Men’ logo, and the quotes from four men affected by this disease on the ball is a hugely powerful way to raise awareness of the dangers of prostate cancer. The stories of Lloyd, Kevin, Phill and Errol will trigger emotions of hope, heartbreak and humility, but they also drive our determination to make prostate cancer a disease the next generation of men need not fear.”