Friday 29th November 2019

PlayerMaker, the international sports technology company, today announces that Argentina’s Olympic Football squad will be using its technology to help prepare and train for Tokyo 2020.

Players will be wearing PlayerMaker’s boot-mounted sensor for the first-time during training sessions and games as part of The United International Football Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria taking place this week.

The PlayerMaker system collects data points through a discrete boot-mounted sensor containing an accelerometer and gyroscope, which are then analysed in the cloud against the largest dataset of football movements in the world. It then builds teamwide and individual dashboards to highlight technical, tactical and physical metrics for evaluation by players, coaches, managers and even scouts.

Teams can then use this data to measure individual player performance at several indicators, including the number of ball touches, L/R foot usage, possession analysis and pass completions, as well as for teamwide optimisations such as passing network and positioning. The system has been especially useful for rehabilitation and injury prevention, as the sensors are positioned on lower limbs, the force and torque can be measured, and therefore feedback can be given to players to avoid over exertion during trainings.

The United International Football Festival in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria will see the Argentinian Olympic team competing against Olympic teams from Brazil’s, USA and Gran Canaria’s National Team, as they finalize the Olympic squad. The tournament is the last opportunity for coaches to assess the players and future Argentinian superstars before the pre-Olympic qualifying tournament in Columbia early next year.

Guy Aharon, CEO at PlayerMaker, said: ‘At PlayerMaker we endeavor to create improvements for athletes at every level, from club youth academies to elite national teams. The Olympics is the pinnacle of sporting prowess in the world and it is a privilege to be part of the Argentinian team’s training and continued development.’

Gal Barak, General Manager, America and LATAM at PlayerMaker, said: ‘It is exciting to see PlayerMaker being utilised by Argentinian coaches to inform their data-driven choices in the squad selection, and player optimisation for the Tokyo Olympics. Tournaments like this provide the opportunity to gather granular performance data on the future generations of football superstars.’

Luciano Nakis, AFA Delegate to National Teams said: ‘We are very impressed with the data PlayerMaker’s device offers us. The possibility of being able to analyse the performance of the players we are training gives coaches an important tool to direct the team and the anticipated results.’


PlayerMaker is a sports technology company revolutionizing the way football teams use data. Utilizing cutting-edge motion sensors and advanced machine learning algorithms, their device tracks all technical, tactical, biomechanical and physical movement on and off the ball, giving managers and coaches a granular understanding of their players’ and team’s performance. Used by elite level clubs worldwide, the PlayerMaker device delivers a competitive advantage to some of the most forward-thinking coaches. To find out more, visit