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As we go into the 3rd round of the FA Cup, the magic of the world’s oldest cup competition doesn’t seem to be there anymore, clubs tend not to focus on the game, people just forget about it, we need to keep the magic of the FA Cup alive.

The 3rd round has some of the best moments of the competition to date that need to be cherished, this round is where big league giants, face anticipated teams that have beaten the qualifying stages from non-league teams and join teams from league one and league two from round one.

In this article we will relieve some of the best moments from the FA Cup competition and see why the competition needs to be cherished and not look down on;

Burton and Manchester United, 2006.

Third round pick made league giants Manchester United travel to Burton Albion. Fourteenth in the conference league Burton found themselves worried to face the mighty united, but after 90 minutes in the ends of Burton, the match ended goalless. Alex Ferguson tried to bring on late arrivals Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo to seal the deal even they couldn’t change the score line. This meant the conference league team have to travel to Manchester for the replay, this brought so much joy to the club celebrating like it was a win on the day, bringing the joy to non-league teams everywhere.

Luton’s win against Premier League team, 2013

Conference league side, Luton found themselves being the first team in 21 years to beat a Premier League team by a non-league side. In 2013, Luton travelled to Norwich to face a third-round tie against the Premier League side, with hope intact Luton manged the unlikely. Substitute hero Scott Rendell came on the pitch and within 6 minutes scored and won the game for the Luton side to have a pass to the 4th round of the FA Cup.

Beating the Cup Holders, 2008.

86 years to date, the championship side Barnsley couldn’t see it coming. In 2008, Kayode Odejayi’s magic header saw championship side Barnsley beat Chelsea to a Semi-Final, Barnsley unfortunately went on to see an all-Championship side semi-final at Wembley to Cardiff city which ended their sting of the FA Cup run, but they will forever hold this moment close to them, knocking out title holders.

The Grecians Magic Game, 2005

Conference side, Exeter City found themselves drawn against Premier League side Manchester United. The Grecians were in financial problems at the time, and with this pick of the cup helped the club massively, with this in thought the Premier League side thought this fixture wouldn’t be a problem, however the conference side saw different. The game ended goalless, which changed the conference side forever, unfortunately this draw saw the replay being held at ST, James Park, with a Manchester United win. To this day the Exeter side, still think about this memorable pick of the FA Cup, as they were later in 2018 to be drawn to Liverpool, which again they drew. 

These are just some of the few amazing memories the FA Cup has brought to light thanks to third round draws. The FA Cup isn’t just a cup competition, it saves clubs from going under in financial ruins, it makes some of the clubs today stand proud with memories they will cherish forever. Now I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for this January with the 3rd round magic.

Action Images via Reuters/Carl Recine/File Photo