Beginning Monday 18th May 2020, Santander UK has joined forces with The F2 Freestylers and Twinkl to release daily football-themed maths videos and free maths learning materials online for children aged between 5 to 11 years. The Numbers Game campaign aims to harness the transformative power of football to support children’s learning and development of maths skills. This is supported by Twinkl’s fun, active and meaningful maths worksheets and challenges, which are in line with UK curriculums.

The campaign – initially running from 18th – 22nd May and then continuing through 1st – 5th June – is underpinned by evidence published in BMC Medicineii that suggests using breaks to do ‘self-paced’ physical activity may improve children’s wellbeing and cognitive performance when compared with children who were not active during breaks.

Santander has teamed up with Twinkl on this activity to ensure the content reflects the curriculums taught in Britain’s classrooms. Twinkl houses over 640,000 educational materials for parents, teachers and children and has recently won a Queen’s Award for Innovation for its planning and activity resources. Santander ambassadors The F2 Freestylers are a football freestyle duo, consisting of Jeremy Lynch and Billy Wingrove, who have amassed over 12 million subscribers. Santander aims to use the universal language of football to provide some light relief to home life during temporary school closures, while enhancing children’s key maths skills.

Free to use and accessible to everyone, each week of challenges will focus on a different theme – the first two weeks of which are times tables and time. A special challenge will be set at the end of each week where participants will be awarded certificates.

The Numbers Game platform was first developed by Santander in 2019, in partnership with National Numeracy, the bank’s official charity partner, as a nationwide, educational, football-themed roadshow aimed at helping people to enjoy and feel more comfortable working with numbers. Since then, the roadshow has visited 12 UK cities engaging over 30,000 people, with 85% of participants surveyed saying they now have a better understanding of the importance of numbers in everyday life and 86% saying they now believe that being confident with numbers helps them manage their money better. This latest iteration is a natural evolution of the highly successful campaign.

To support The Numbers Game campaign, The F2 Freestylers will be hosting two live maths-themed football skills shows. These will go live on 18th May and 1stJune at 12 noon and The F2 Freestylers will also be supporting the campaign with Instagram, Twitter and TikTok posts.

Susan Allen, CEO Retail and Business Banking at Santander UK, said:The Numbers Game, originally developed in conjunction with our charity partner National Numeracy as a roadshow, has been a real success since it launched last year, already helping tens of thousands of people build their confidence in maths through football.

“We know how challenging the current environment is, particularly for parents, and are delighted to have been able to develop the initiative further with Twinkl to support children while at home, in both a fun and engaging way.”

Jonathan Seaton, Co-Founder and CEO of Twinkl, said: “This is a really exciting project that we hope will provide teachers, parents and carers with a new activity for home learning and excite and engage children.

“The F2 Freestylers are incredibly talented and much admired and this combined with the expertise of Santander and the team at Twinkl makes it an ideal way to teach and learn maths skills whilst being active. We are always looking for new ways to help those who teach and we are delighted to be working with Santander and The F2 Freestylers on this project.”

Jeremy Lynch of The F2 Freestylers, said: “We’re excited to be a part of this campaign with Santander and Twinkl. Being active is so important for our health and using football to keep moving whilst building maths skills is a great way to combine learning with the beautiful game. We hope children will be inspired to pick up a ball, stay fit and keep their number skills on top form.”

Billy Wingrove of The F2 Freestylers, said: “The Numbers Game campaign is a great initiative. I know from my own children that combining learning and sport is really fun and meaningful for them, we’re very proud to be part of this timely campaign alongside Santander and Twinkl.”

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