GCK Motorsport has launched a plan which will revolutionise off-road racing, delivering game-changing electric and hydrogen solutions – and the first arrives during January’s Dakar.GCK pioneer and French racing driver Guerlain Chicherit will spearhead the development of ground-breaking sustainable green technology in global motorsport.

The first step comes today (Wednesday) with the launch of GCK Motorsport’s hydrogen-powered vision. The second step, which sounds even more exciting, is called GCK e-Blast 1.That’s the one which lands in Neom, Saudi Arabia during Dakar, 2021. GCK e-Blast 1 will be an all-electric charger, complete with 1,000 Nm of torque. Enough to dominate Saudi’s steepest dunes. GCK Motorsport has rolled out a four-year plan for Dakar, culminating with a hydrogen-powered evolution of GCK e-Blast 1, set to compete at world motorsport’s longest, most gruelling event in 2024.GCK Motorsport’s commitment to going green means the team is finished with internal combustion.

From 2021, all GCK race programmes will be based around green technology. The electric GCK e-Blast 1 – based around the chassis which won Dakar in 2018 – will compete in selected cross-country events in 2021. Power comes from a bespoke electric powertrain and battery solution which generates 150kW, combining to offer drivers 340 clean, green horses.Parallel to the development of that super-exciting all-electric desert racer, GCK Motorsport – in alliance with sister companies GCK Technology and GCK Energy – will be working on its hydrogen solution.Twelve months on from the awesome all-electric GCK e-Blast 1 demonstrating its potential around Neom in January, the hydrogen-powered car breaks cover in January, ’22. That car will then drive selected Dakar sections in 2023 before lining up to take on Dakar all-comers in 2024.Allied to a two-car entry for 2024, GCK Motorsport will make this ground-breaking off-road technology commercially available to private teams sharing in GCK’s environmentally sustainable vision.These developments place GCK Motorsport front and centre in the development and delivery of long-term, sustainable, cutting-edge off-road competition.

Eric Boudot is CEO of Green Corp Konnection – the umbrella company under which GCK Motorsport sits – and he’s understandably excited about the impact his team are about to have on the future of off-road racing. Boudot said: “We’re really excited to present the GCK e-Blast 1, the first step in what we believe to be the future of long-distance cross-country racing: hydrogen-powered vehicles. “Our aim is to create an environmentally friendly rally car, powered only by green energy, that will be able to go the distance. “Our investment into hydrogen technology will enable us to race the 1st hydrogen-powered car in Dakar in 2023 – 2024.”, Eric Boudot, CEO of Green Corp Konnection and GCK Motorsport, commented. Guerlain Chicherit, president of Green Corp Konnection and GCK Motorsport, added: “I’ve been working on bringing together my passions for motorsport and technology with my vision for a sustainable future. “Living in the Alps is a daily reminder of the steps we need to take to develop cutting-edge technology and use our existing motorsport projects as a platform to drive a sustainable transformation. “I’m super-excited to have brought together forward-thinking specialists in their fields to produce ground-breaking work that will make a difference. I can’t wait to see our first phase brought to life at a race that means so much to me, the Dakar rally.”