Still Nil Nil, a new London-based publisher, has launched offering picture books for football-mad adults to relive and share their team’s former glories.

    The independent publisher has created picture books about famous footballing triumphs, with three books currently available: The Treble, based on Manchester United’s historic 1998/99 season, Invincible, revisiting Arsenal’s unbeaten 2003/04 season; and The Miracle of Istanbul, retelling Liverpool’s epic Champions League final comeback in 2004/05.

    Still Nil Nil exists to allow football fans to pass on their passion to the next generation with a unique reading experience. The books allow parents, wider family and friends to share their greatest footballing memories with children who were not alive to experience the moment.

    The books are priced at £12 each. Delivery is free in the UK, but available worldwide.

    The publisher plans to add many more stories to its collection in 2021, spanning the country’s biggest clubs and their historic successes.

    The books are unofficial products, which make no use of trademarked terms or items and are in no way affiliated with any football clubs.

    Josh Clarke, founder and director of Still Nil Nil, said: “It’s incredibly exciting to finally unveil a true passion project, Still Nil Nil. Millions of parents and children bond over their football club – and our books represent the perfect way for parents to pass on their passion, and memories, to their children with an incredible shared experience.

    “With Christmas fast approaching, the response to our initial three books has already been overwhelmingly positive. We are delighted to be delivering gifts that football-mad children (and, probably more so, parents) are going to love.”