London tech start-up Fanslide has launched the world’s first live, in-play, fantasy football game in time for the UEFA European Championships that kick off on 11 June.

Fanslide blends the most enjoyable elements of fantasy football, in-play betting and social gaming to enhance fans’ experience when watching matches live on TV. The app, which is free to download from both Apple and Google Play app stores, has prize money available on every single match during the Euros.

Powered by real-time data from industry leader Opta, Fanslide lets fans choose players at different times of the match, with everything from interceptions to goals scoring them points the instant they occur. Unlike traditional fantasy football, fans “slide” players in and out of the game as the action unfolds, and it is this ability to respond to events in the match that is resonating so strongly with the app’s users.

Fanslide combines a deep understanding of both fan mentality and the psychodynamics of gambling in a “second-screen” app. Founder Joe Cocozza believes the key to a successful second screen app is enhancing the enjoyment of the first screen, not detracting from it.

“Fanslide adds a whole new layer of excitement and engagement to watching football on TV, adding meaning to almost every kick, bringing fans together through healthy competition and keeping you on the edge of your seat right through to the final whistle,” he comments.

During season-long testing, data shows that three quarters of people are still playing Fanslide during the final 15 minutes of a match, demonstrating the huge entertainment value the game is creating for its users. This is backed up by positive feedback from users as well as ratings and reviews on app stores, where Fanslide averages 4.9 stars.

The Euros are the perfect opportunity for fans to discover Fanslide, with every match shown live on terrestrial television and available to play within the app. With so many matches  appealing to neutral fans, Fanslide can transform the experience of watching live football for everyone.

Cocozza goes on to explain that the idea for Fanslide arose out of a frustration with the current limitations of in-play betting. “Fans bet on football to put their opinions to the test and to add excitement,” he states. “Over three quarters of sports bets are now placed in-play, but the binary nature of betting only provides a short-term hit, and little in the way of actual entertainment value.

“Meanwhile, you have 7 million people playing fantasy football who spend all week researching players but can’t change their minds once the transfer deadline passes. Fanslide combines the two – creating a game of skill that lets fans change their mind and respond to what is happening in the match, making it far more exciting than just placing a bet. And that excitement lasts for the entire duration of the match.”

Fanslide currently offers prize money on their free-to-play app, but plans to bring out a licensed pool betting version next season that would allow fans to bet against one another on their performance in the game. 

“Fanslide will always be a free to play game,” adds Cocozza, “but we believe that in-play games will change the way people engage with sport that they’re watching on TV, delivering far greater value for money than traditional betting for those who do wish to bet.”

With the global fantasy sports market continuing to grow, Fanslide are already working on versions of the game for NFL, cricket and basketball, and plan to eventually have a game for every major sport in the world.


Fanslide is available to download on Apple App Store and Google Play Store

“One of the most enjoyable apps I’ve used. Makes the most boring live football game enjoyable. It’s fast paced and can change in an instant. Really fun to use and I highly recommend.”

Daniel Perry – Google Play Store Review, 10 September 2020

“Fantastic fun game, adds a fun new dimension to TV games. Easy to play, difficult to master. Why else would you be shouting at a player picking up a last minute booking. Excited for the future potential.”

Sie Barlow – Google Play Store Review, 5 February 2021

“I was sceptical at first but Fanslide actually added to my enjoyment while watching football (I was worried it would be a distraction but if anything it kept me totally engaged with what was happening on the pitch). Can see this taking off in a major way.”

sarasasha, App Store review, 3 February 2021