Impact Biosystems, the Boston-based fitness recovery start-up, is announcing its debut product, Pact – the world’s first connected percussive massage system customized to the user’s muscle profile. Inspired by professional trainers, the Pact system tailors its massaging experience to the user’s body conditions, giving the most effective recovery treatment possible. The Pact system is available for pre-order today, and will ship in Q2 2022.

“Existing muscle recovery solutions are almost exclusively one-size-fits-all types of products,” said Bridget Hunter-Jones, cofounder and CEO of Impact Biosystems. “But, everyone and their recovery is different, so we designed the Pact system with the belief that recovery should be informed and personalized, using data from the body, effectively eliminating the guesswork.”

The Pact system relieves muscle pain and improves muscle readiness by creating a data-backed recovery experience. It operates with two core devices: Pact Sense and Pact Pulse, both connected with the user’s smartphone via the Pact app.

Unlike other impersonal massagers on the market, the Pact system will first measure your muscles’ conditions before recommending an appropriate recovery treatment. Using six sensors that take over 5,000 measurements per scan, Pact Sense tracks the user’s muscle readiness, measuring muscle mass and stiffness in real-time. The data gathered will allow the Pact mobile app to generate a bespoke warm-up or recovery routine for the user, which will inform the Pact Pulse for a precise and optimized massage. 

Impact Biosystems’ proprietary technology, based on advanced modelling techniques, has been developed over the last three decades by co-founder and chief inventor, Ian Hunter, the Hatsopoulos Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT.

Two Pact kits will be available at launch: the standard Pact Sport Kit (£369), and the premium Pact Pro Kit (£479), which comes with an additional battery handle, an extra year of Pro App Content & analytics, and a travel case. Both kits are available on pre-order via Indiegogo for the early bird prices of £209 (Pact Sport) and £259 (Pact Pro):