Decathlon, the world’s leading sports retailer, is redefining the workday with its latest initiative: ‘Moving Meetings.’ Launched in collaboration with RED January, the active workplace strategy encourages employees to step into a healthier, more dynamic routine. Promoting movement to support mental wellbeing – a sentiment that sits at the heart of brand partner RED January’s own mission that unites thousands each year.

As the working year unfolds, Decathlon will challenge not just its own 1,655 employees, but businesses across the UK to embrace a more active and energised working culture from the get-go. Aligning with research from Sport England that highlights a winter dip in activity for 1.8 million Brits. 

The Call for an Active 2024

Launching in January, a time of year where as a nation we experience higher inactivity and lower wellbeing, the initiative aligns with Decathlon’s broader mission to unite partners and organisations in prioritising well-being and physical activity, with only 14% finding regular time for movement at work.

2024 will also see Decathlon turn Blue Monday RED to unite partners and other organisations in a collective effort to prioritise well-being and physical activity on a day synonymous with the ‘winter blues’. Widely publicising and sharing guidance on how to implement ‘Moving Meetings’ for ongoing success, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to creating a more active and engaged workplace.

Delphine Mazillier, Decathlon UK’s Head of CSR, said: “At Decathlon, we believe in not just inspiring sports but also fostering a culture of well-being. ‘Moving Meetings’ aligns perfectly with our mission to make sports accessible and enjoyable for everyone.”

Hannah Beecham MBE, Founder of RED January, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Decathlon on this initiative. Encouraging movement in the workplace not only plays a crucial role in maintaining and improving mental wellbeing, but also in building supportive connections, a cause central to RED January.”

An employee activity that coincides with the retailer’s partnership with RED January, a nationwide community campaign that empowers people to move every day for their mental wellbeing. To learn more about how you can join thousands of others empowered to move every day in January to support their own mental wellbeing and raise funds to help others, visit